Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, I'm finished with my homework...

Ever feel like you are swimming to catch up with the boat, that hasn't noticed you fell overboard? That is my life right now. I just don't feel like I will ever be back on that boat, headed for sunny beaches and hot cabana boys in tight shorts.

My grandfather is very sick right now. We are pretty sure there isn't much time left. My grandmother on my dad's side is quickly becoming more demanding and frustrating as her mind very slowly slips away.

In addition to all of that, this semester I chose (not knowing what I was getting myself into) to take several writing intensive classes. I have a hard time with depression in the winter and I was hoping that the writing would give me the out that I needed to get through unscathed.

All of these things had to happen despite the medical nightmare that we have been dealing with since September. This is one reason why I haven't blogged much lately. I'm just trying to stay afloat. The other reason: I couldn't talk about it. My whole life revolves around getting better, making my body healthy enough to work on its own without all of the hormone medications and schedules. The less I talked about it, the better.

I am better now. I can feel my body trying to work on its own already. I am a long way from my goal, but the effects are wonderful.

Today I took the time to catch up on homework and reading assignments, visit with my grandfather, and finish up several projects. For the first time in weeks I feel as if someone finally noticed I've fallen off the boat. Maybe I will catch up after all.

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Kristin said...

I'm glad things finally feel like they are falling in line. {{{Hugs}}}