Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We are in for so much trouble! I had my follow up u/s yesterday. We had to go back because little stinker would turn and moon the screen every time doc tried to see the heart or anything else of importance. Hubs had to work and we were assured this would be a quick peek with no excitement, so my mom went with me.

Monkey was absurdly active from the start. Doc managed to chase down the pictures he wanted though with a lot of prodding, jiggling, and laughing from all three of us. It turned into much more than a sneak peek! The doc jotted some things down and then without looking at me asked the magic question....

"So, what did we say this was last time?"

My heart leaped into my throat and I firmly said "Ummm girl...."

Doc jiggled me again and after a few seconds he looked up at me with a funny grin and said, "I don't think that's right. Let me try a different angle."

My mom said nothing. She just stood and leaned across the table to see the screen. The room went silent and all eyes were glued to the screen. Seconds later, there it was and I burst out laughing. My mom simply uttered an "Oh dear!"

Doc tried about five different angles and every single time, you could tell that our little stinker had played a big prank on us all!

                                                   Our little She is most definitely a He!

He is currently in a breech position which just confirms what I thought. My belly resembles a bowl of mexican jumping beans most nights now, which I find hilarious! Everything looked wonderful on the u/s this time and hubs and I are over the moon! We did a small bit of shopping last night for a few items of the bluer variety and made plans to store all the pink stuff for the future.

I really am excited. I did consider this scenario a couple of times and worried that I might be disappointed, but I only love him more. This prank matches what I feel his personality already is, and reminded me a lot of hubs and his sense of humor. Every time I say his name now (we quickly switched channels!) I just giggle.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Performing live....

My belly has become my new favorite pastime. Television, books, chores, the hundred and one projects I should be doing: they all take a back seat to the belly channel! She really has moved from a transverse position to a vertical position which has made her movement very visible and funny.

This morning I was testing two kiddos and had to sit quietly until they finished. I pulled up a comfy chair and of course the show began! There was this little bump just above my belly button on my left side. I rubbed it lightly and it moved. I had to work hard not to giggle out loud. I was sitting there playing with the baby and suddenly felt her jump, only I felt it at the top and the bottom of my belly at the exact same time. It was such a strange feeling! About five or six seconds later it happened again and I could physically see my belly bounce. Sea Monkey had the hiccups! I almost had to leave the room because I got so cracked up watching her!

I feel like a scene from a science fiction movie. Her movements are so much stronger and visible now. I can even see her sometimes move from one side to the other like a tiny underwater wave. As I type this she is in there poking around and insisting I remove my phone from my belly. I should be working on stuff or in the bed, but she is just way too much fun!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today I am 24 weeks pregnant! I know there are millions of things that could go wrong. I know that there are never any guarantees, but... The knowledge that there is a fighting chance for her if something were to go wrong and she came early gives me a great deal of peace.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was so selfish and overprotective of "my" baby, but I'm starting to let that go a lot more than I ever dreamed! I feel so overwhelmed with how many people have taken a sincere and active interest in our little one. I don't think I ever really stopped to consider how many people have been supporting us and praying for us through this journey, and every single one of them are overjoyed. I feel like all three of us are so loved and blessed. I can't help but share her. I let people rub my belly and I am quick to tell all her funny stories or entertain kind words and questions from people.

I feel great right now and I truly enjoy pregnancy. I'm sure people get tired of my giggling and my lack of focus. I spend a great deal of time with my hands on my belly or just watching it. This kiddo has a personality already and it is so much fun to experience. She loves her daddy. She always kicks and responds to him the moment he walks in the door and talks. She's also a sugar nut it seems. Anything sweet sends her into circus mode. She is also decidedly stubborn! She absolutely refuses to wiggle or kick for my mom which just cracks us all up. The moment my mom comes near, she freezes and will not move! She loves music and church too which makes me very happy. I am astounded by how much I already love her.

Due to my PCOS I had to have my one hour glucose test earlier than my doc normally does it. Unfortunately, I bombed it and had to go in for the three hour. I had eaten terribly the day before my one hour, so I worked hard to eat right and behave myself the week before the three hour test. Apparently I studied too hard because the test results came back and I was actually on the low low side of things. Just before my last blood draw I got really icky feeling and had a hard time walking to the room for the final draw. They made me eat and drink before I could get up. I finally got up, walked to the car and tested my sugar on my mom's unit. It was in the low 60s. Thank goodness I don't have to do that again!

I go next week for another ultrasound. She was a little stubborn stinker at our anatomy scan and there were a lot of things he couldn't see. I'm excited about even a tiny little peek at her again!

She has finally moved up out of my nether regions it seems and I have far too much fun watching her perform tricks for me. If I set something on my belly now, she will kick it and sometimes even bump it off (unless my mom is in the room). She also responds sometimes to me talking to her or resting my hand on my belly. She will squirm over and sort of push up against my hand sometimes which I love.

I know this post is a bit all over the place. I apologize for that. I just had a lot to tell you! If you can't tell, I'm a bit biased and head over heels with our little monkey!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Awe

I've been so anxious this week. I didn't think today would ever come! We finally had our anatomy scan today at 22 weeks exactly. I also had to have an early GD test due to my pcos which made me anxious too. I didn't sleep well at all last night! It was all completely worth it!

It's a girl! ..... We're mostly sure...

The screen lit up and there was our little sea monkey! The last time we saw the baby was at 9 weeks when tiny little arm and leg buds were just poking out. This was a real wriggling little baby! It was everything I've ever dreamed of. The doctor shared a big laugh with us over the stubborn position she insisted on staying in. I warned him, and when he realized I was right, he thought it was hilarious. She was stretched out like she was in a lazy boy with one arm crooked and her hand behind her head just like hubs sits! It was so funny to see her already acting out one of hubs's quirks.

She refused to move into a decent position, so the doc couldn't get good measurements on several things even though he spent a long while with us trying (bought us more viewing time!). In addition, the little stinker had the cord directly between her legs, so while he got a great shot, the cord made it hard to be certain. After a long while he finally said "I'm pretty sure this is a little girl. I don't see boy parts and at this point even with the cord, I should be able to see them if they were there. He gave us a 95% sure vote for girl, told us to buy pink, but save the receipts, and scheduled another scan three weeks from now (We get to see her again!).

I know anything can happen. We are no strangers to the "anythings" of life, but I think both of us are finally entertaining the thought that we really might get to meet our rainbow baby!

Here's a sneak peek....