Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A week without my apron!

Sorry my posting has been a bit spotty lately. I have been so friggin tired! Not to mention busy. School starts next week and I just don't have enough hours in the day to get all the crap done that I need to before I enter the working force again!

Ok anyway, I wanted to tell you what I did this past Sunday night. It is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself! I am a huge Fo.od Netw.ork fan, but we don't get it here. I was sorely disappointed when we moved back and almost incited a riot outside the cable office, but thankfully I had to pee at the time and didn't think it was a wise decision. I have seen so many of those perky perfect mommy types on there talk about preparing double your meal, freezing it, and having a dinner on a night when cooking is out of the question. When I saw those ladies doing that, I would laugh right out loud at them and yell "Only in a perfect world where you truly can hit that easy button!"

Well, I have to apologize to the ladies behind the screen.

Sunday morning I had started a crock pot of pintos for us to eat (a southern delicacy kind of like that "ed and mammy" stuff they have out in Cali I suppose) but I was not so into the idea of that for supper. I thought "Well I'll just put that in the fridge and I'll make the ziti! Two nights of dinner in one!" I had this awesome ziti recipe that I was dying to try and I just couldn't wait! I fired up the ol' stove and went to work. It made enough for like ten people when I was done! Oh my!

I stared at the mounds of baked ziti and the huge crock pot simmering behind it and pondered my options. I reached in the fridge, grabbed some other ingredients and set to work. I made the taco meat for our taco salads later in the week and then afixed cute little labels (translation: I scribbled on the bag with the nearest Shar.pie like instrument). I set them in the fridge and TaDa!!!! I have a week worth of food sitting in my fridge right now! I am super excited! All I have to do is heat and serve all week! Why didn't anyone show me this secret years ago? I even managed to have enough left to freeze a portion of the ziti for a much later night of supper! Woohooo!

I of course failed to realize that all that food did not clean my kitchen, but the liberation was there and I don't feel like I am handcuffed to the stove this week which is a wonderful, beautiful thing in and of itself!

With all that being said, I thought I would share the ziti recipe with you. It makes a lot and would be great for large families or like I did for the two of us split and frozen. This is not exactly the same one I saw on television. I tweaked it a lot for our personal tastes and found the recipe to be really versatile that way.

Baked Ziti


1.1/2 lbs. ground beef
2/3 lbs ziti pasta (or any round cyllinder type pasta)
1 jar spaghetti sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
1 medium onion
Anything you would normally add to your family spaghetti sauce

1 container of Ricotta cheese (4 oz)
2 cups Mozzarella cheese shredded
1 cup parmesan cheese shredded


Boil the ziti. In a large skillet brown the hamburger meat adding in any vegetables you chose to put in. Drain beef. Put back in the skillet and add diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. Let it simmer on low for a few minutes while you prepare the cheeses. This helps the flavors meld a bit.

In a small bowl combine the Ricotta and half of the mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. I did not use an egg for this recipe because you don't really need to bind the cheeses and I wasn't sure I would be cooking it long enough to cook the egg through. You can use it if you feel it necessary. Also, make sure to season your cheese mixture. I found I needed a good bit of salt because of the ricotta.

Once this is done, in a large glass baking dish (or several small ones in my case) start with a little of the liquid from the sauce on the bottom of the dish to prevent sticking. Add a layer of noodles and then sauce. I used my hands to crumble the cheese mixture over the sauce. It does not need to be a thick layer of cheese and you do not have to spread it out. Cooking helps it melt through the dish. After that, layer noodles, sauce, cheese, noodles, sauce and then top with the remaining shredded cheeses.

Put in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is brown on top.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bubble Gum... A Show and Tell

Gotta make it quick this morning. I have to go take care of seven two year olds for three hours! Yay me! Anyhoo, as promised, I am showing you all a pic of the new blanket I am working on. It is working up pretty fast and I am super excited that I am only three nonchalant days into it and almost halfway done already! This has turned out to be a really fun blanket to make. I wasn't too sure about the colors at first but it's growing on me now....

As a side note for those of you keeping count... AF is still MIA....Stupid wench just will not cooperate with me will she? Oh well. I was hoping she would be here by tomorrow so I could go on and call in round two. Guess she has other plans.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A hug of thanks

I don't know what I would do without all of you here. The thoughts and kind words have helped tremendously and I feel completely blessed to have you all as friends! Thank you so much.

Aunt Flo is taking her sweet time knocking on the door I guess. It irks me to sit here waiting when I know the outcome. Darn my lack of patience! It would be nice for her to come on in and make herself comfy so that we could get started on another round. I'm hoping the doc will up my dose this time.

I've had lots of things to keep me occupied the past few days. I'm almost halfway done with the blanket! I chose this one because it works up so fast. I'll show pics tomorrow. I've also been tossing around ideas about speaking at our local high school to the girls there. School starts in a week or so! There is a lot of planning and cleaning going on in my mom's room!

I've also been thinking a lot about my digs here. I'm working on sprucing them up a bit and possibly in the future adding an etsy shop for some of the things I make. I haven't decided completely on that but I would like your input. You all are the ones that come here to read and hang out so your opinion is a huge factor. I am looking forward to some of the new ideas though and I am excited about them!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Did I expect anything different? No. Did I hope for something different? Yes.

I want to know one thing. It is something that eats at me so much. It constantly haunts the back of my thoughts.

Why not me?

I want to know why God considers us such an unsuitable candidate for children. What do we do wrong? I see so many parents that I just can't help but raise an eyebrow God's way for. I mean seriously, they can have a child and not me? What the hell?

Is it that we just don't have enough emotional turmoil in our lives? Perhaps we are lacking in the tragedy department. Is it our lack of finances? I sure hope not! I can assure you that even though we have tight times here and there we could afford a child without the aid of Welfare or Social Security. Is it a lack of experience keeping us from the finish lines? I doubt that very seriously! I have parents who throw their children our direction and leave me totally responsible for more than a handful of them at one time.

Is it our family? Are our hearts so full right now that God feels we don't need our little person yet? If this is the case, I beg to differ. I always try to avoid arguments with God because ultimately He always wins, but with this particular argument I would put up a good fight at least! Perhaps His head has been turned as Dot and Dan take their baby home and our house is flooded with lonely silence. Maybe He just hasn't caught on to the onslaught of tears and sorrow and grief that overtake our home each month as the red sea washes into our lives.

I can't understand this. I don't want more patience. I don't want to have strength or courage. I'm sick of perserverance damn it! I just want to complete this hollow void we have in our hearts. I've been here for almost 6 years. Actually 67 months and 16 days if you want to know. I think I've waited in line long enough.

I'm going to go prepare the guest room and wait for the arrival of our uninvited guest and then pile up on the couch with the tissues and my new blanket. A baby blanket might I add. A baby blanket that I will make for someone else's baby.


So, here I am. CD30. The day. And?

Hmmm.... I feel like I am jinxing myself just writing this post but I'm going to anyway. The internets deserve to know what is going on with my uterus right? Well, I guess I can technically say aunt flo is late. I am on Clomid so I know that this happens. I'm sort of stuck today. I don't know what to do with myself except run to the bathroom every five seconds to check.

People have told me before that the only symptom they had was the very sure conviction that af was raising her hand to grab the knocker on their door, but seriously I feel her foot falling with each step as she gets closer! I lashed out at hubby last night and felt miserable most of the night. I'm achy, crampy, and omg am I sleepy! Have I bought a test? No way!

Does this make me a recovering poas-aholic? I dunno but I fear those dumb things. The sense of dread at hubby's mere mention of the plastic sticks of doom makes me nauseous. I can't bear the thought of that moment when af settles in much less the idea that I will willingly go out and pay for a stick that predicts the future early and delivers disappointment without the bouquet of roses and balloons that auntie flo so thoughtfully brings with her. I used to stock up on them, peeing on one a day until the end finally arrived. I kept thinking maybe it isn't time yet or perhaps I miscalculated - I'll try tomorrow. I just can't do that to myself this time. At the same time, I just don't want to give up. I don't want to know if I'm not until absolutely necessary.

So, I wait. Still and quiet, hardly daring to breathe or whisper for fear of bringing attention to myself and having auntie remember that she is scheduled for a visit. I go to sleep at night in fervent prayer, begging and pleading. I dream fitful dreams every single night and I cannot manage to stay asleep all night anymore which could explain why I have been sleeping in until noon some days. What do I do with all of that middle of the night awake time you ask? I lie there scared out of my mind, dreaming the undreamable in small intermittant sequences to ward off any nosy angels up there that might run tattling to someone that I dared dream of such hopeful happy things. I make sure to imagine a few scenes now and again in which I go to the bathroom to see Aunt Flo standing there waving at me as I walk across to the throne. I imagine hubby and I embracing in a ball of tears.

I hate this crap! No woman should ever have to go through this! Especially for the 67th time! I'm sure the red river will be here in the next day or so and I will cry and weep for a few hours. I will sulk and be miserable and then I will pull my battle gear back on and head back to the trenches for month 68. Until then, I wait...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I did it!

Sorry to burst any bubbles but this post has nothing to do with cycles or my body.

I finished my blanket! The one I started here. It took me longer than I had hoped, but I have been super busy, so I guess I can't complain. I am so excited that I finally finished it! I already have another waiting to be started. This turned out to be a really large blanket. It covers the lower half of my queen sized bed! It worked up so beautifully and I am over the moon happy with it! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. My pics aren't the best. I apologize. It turned out to be bigger than I thought and I had a hard time finding a place to take pics of it.

Ok, I'm going to stop rambling now so we can all see it....

Monday, July 21, 2008

The end is drawing near...

So, if this were a normal unmedicated cycle I would expect to hear af knocking on the door sometime Thursday evening. This of course is not a normal unmedicated cycle. We are sailing in uncharted Clomid filled waters and I'm not sure what or when to expect anything. I guess I could say this is frustrating, but I'd rather try to be a bit more upbeat and say it is a blessing in disguise. I don't know what to expect, so there is no way to obsess over every little twinge or cramp. The dread and fear associated with "P-day" (pee day for those of you raising your eyebrows out there) isn't quite the horror it normally is since I have no clue if there really is a "P-day" for this cycle.

So far, I can say that I am fairly symptomless and I have begun to prepare my heart for a second cycle. I understand there is still hope and I cling to a tiny bit of it but not in that desperate helpless way I normally do. My girls are still sore at times and I have a fairly constant feeling of cramping or heaviness in the control center area but nothing that couldn't be explained with a rather intrusive aunt running rampant. The nausea that had set in so often has been gone for two days now with only one or two very brief moments each day.

Today really sort of set the mood for me. I woke up late this afternoon (yes afternoon!) and about four hours later, I passed out on the couch again. I am completely exhausted and all of the immense productivity last week seems eons ago! I can't imagine getting anything done right now other than the necessities of eating, peeing, sleeping, etc. I do get this way a couple of days before af and with Clomid in the mix I'm sure this is just an exaggerated form of my normal self. Still, it reminded me today that there are things happening down there and that regardless of the outcome I need to prepare for an emotionally difficult week.

I'm not really heartbroken at the idea of this not working, nor am I excited at the prospect that it might. I never expected anything the first try. I'm happy to know that Clomid works for my body and that with the right tweaking this could be it. I've realized that this is a place you finally come to after so many tries with infertility. You stop looking at it month by month and start looking at the entire stretch with your new treatment option.

I realize that it ain't over till Auntie settles her plump tush in the easy chair and like I said I still cling to a bit of hope. I think we all do no matter how hopeless we feel. I know that this could just as easily turn into the event of a lifetime. I just know that for my own sanity's sake I need to prepare myself for either option and not lean in too far on one side of the fence or the other.

I hate the waiting and I am miserable as it draws near. The emotions you go through are relentless and your hormones only intensify this making it a nightmarish roller coaster that you can't stop, no matter how hard you try to wake up. You just have to take it one turn or hill at a time and pray that you still have all of you when the ride is over.

As this wait draws to an end, bear with me if my posting is a bit sparse. I haven't really been moody or crabby with Clomid like I feared, but I have felt this building up of emotion for a week or so now and I am afraid the dam is about to break. I really need a great chick flick and a box of tissues. I think I would feel a million times better and perhaps be a little more emotionally prepared for what lies ahead...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Slower Way...A Show and Tell Post

This week I have several pics with my post so I'll try my best to keep it short and sweet but you know how I am...

Every summer since before I can remember, my family has had a garden and we always "put up" fresh veggies for the winter. I remember we used to go to my great grandmother's house and have this elaborate family affair where we picked all the vegetables and brought them back to be prepared, canned or frozen, and divided amongst everyone. It was a really neat thing to be a part of. So few people actually do this anymore but our family has done it for many generations. I now realize how blessed I was to share in this!

After my grandfather died, my grandmother couldn't do a large scale garden like she used to so we started hunting around for different places to get our veggies. At the time she and her sisters and brothers still tried to do a garden at my great grandmother's house but it wasn't on the scale it used to be. My grandmother decided to try the Amish community in her town and we have been going there ever since. It is an honor to be allowed to do business with them and their produce is amazing!

We went this past week to help my grandmother can our vegetables. She is on oxygen now and has the early stages of dementia so she can't do much, but we try to make her feel in charge. It is a hard task to take on!

We got up super early Tuesday morning and headed out. We drove around for almost an hour going from house to house looking for various things. Our main goal was green beans. We finally found some at the last house and we ended up with almost forty pounds! We had to come back for the second batch that they were picking as we pulled in but that was ok with us! When we came back they didn't have quite enough for the bushel we had hoped for and the little girls all ran out to pick us a bucket right there! It was neat!

During this time I got some neat pictures. I love the Amish community and I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to share a tiny window of their lives with them. They are wonderful people who do beautiful work. We are blessed to live near them. They are really antsy about cameras, so I missed several amazing pics of the children but I don't want to disrespect them in any way.

At one point there was a tiny little boy in his short dress (they dress boys and girls in dresses until they are about three) pulling a wagon behind him. He was the cutest little thing you have ever seen! Then at the last house a girl of about four came running across the gravel barefoot and grinning from ear to ear. Her dad had decided she could take the horse out to pick more corn. She hoped up on this gigantic Belguim horse bare back and waited anxiously as they hooked the horse up to the crate they use to gather corn in (looks kind of like a sled with really tall walls). Her little brother, maybe two or three, hopped up on the back of the crate and this little girl took off towards the fields on a horse that would intimidate Shaq I think!

It was a fun day and thankfully we managed about thirty jars of beans and almost twenty of tomatoes! I know this winter, each time I open a jar, I will think back to the wonderful fun we had!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Anywhere but there

Sorry to have been such a bad poster lately. I have no true excuse other than avoidance. I have this feeling of icky frustration when I think about the place I am right now and so I spend a lot of my day skirting around it. Unfortunately when I sit down with my fingers on the keyboard those thoughts, fears, and hopes all come rushing to the surface and I get overwhelmed. I apologize for my absence and also that this post may end up being a bit disjointed. My thoughts are a bit all over the place right now. With that being said....

I've had a pretty busy week. One of the ladies at church announced her pregnancy with number two on Wednesday. I keep her little boy in the nursery and for some reason it just hit me harder than normal. I've gotten pretty good about new pregnancy announcements rolling off my shoulders but I couldn't with this one. I'm not angry or bitter, just feeling sad and left out. Someday.

I also went with mom to see my grandmother and to can veggies this week! I have helped with summer canning since before I was old enough to remember and this was great fun! I would love to tell you more but I think I am going to hold that for show and tell. I got some neat pics so tune in Sunday to hear about it!

Yesterday I spent the day working in mom's classroom. We refiled a lot of things and tried to organize her a bit (sometimes a seemingly lost cause with her!). It was fun and we got a lot done. We worked until around ten o'clock last night and I was exhausted when I got home. Some of the other teachers were there and it was nice to be able to see my friends again after a summer break. I'm almost ready to go back but not yet. I still have a couple of weeks thank goodness to get ready.

Can you tell I'm skirting even in my post? Grrrr... I'm still waiting. Clomid has been a fairly considerate guest thankfully. When I was taking it and in the week or so after, I really didn't have many side effects. I did have some hot flashes and I got sick once or twice but that was it. Fast forward to what I am positive is post ovulation and I am sick all day. I haven't been able to temp with this cycle and opks just don't work for me (thanks pcos!) so we don't have any definitive data on that other than me knowing my body. I have two possible "o" dates that are several days apart so we'll see what happens.

The past four days I've had waves of nausea that come and go. I have them often and at seemingly random times during the day. They usually go away if I eat something, so I've done a lot of snacking the past few days and so far I haven't tossed my cookies or anything. I've had bizare vivid dreams lately and as my day draws nearer I have been a bit more crabby at times. I think the crabby has to do with the internal struggle with my emotions. I have gotten a bit weepy lately too. No big deal there though. My bo.obs are sore. Not terribly so but annoyingly so and very sensitive. I just put up big yellow tape and traffic cones to warn hubby to steer clear and I manage. There are lots of twinges and crampy/heavy/pulling kind of feelings in the control center so I know my body is doing something. Time will tell.

Usually at this point in the game I am obsessive. I poke my bo.obs and examine my toilet paper under a microscope for any signs of pink or red. This time I am sort of - well - not. I guess it is hard to explain but I'm just not that obsessed or worried this time. I avoid lifting heavy stuff and I try to take it easy. I can't ignore the nausea or tender girls and the activity in my uterus is very obvious, but I don't get all a flutter with hope or disappointment and fear. I think about it a lot during the day only because the symptoms are so obvious this time, but I haven't spent more than five minutes with Dr. Google and I've managed to keep most of it to myself. Hubby didn't even know about the nausea until last night when I almost got sick cooking dinner.

I think this time I know that I have done everything possible. We did the deed every single night well past ovulation and I took my medicines and vitamins like a good little girl. We followed all the rules and I know that I have no control whatsoever beyond this. Usually by now I have a day and hour planned for my pee on a stick day. I usually have a stock of about ten different tests to get me through and I anxiously mark off the days on the calendar like a kid counting down to Christmas. This time I haven't even decided when I should test. I haven't bought a single test either. Truth be told, I don't want to. Part of me just wants to wait for af to show. I know on our first round of Clomid our chances of success aren't that great and I'm ok with that. I really just want to get this one done so we can start the next.

Does this mean I have no hope for this cycle? No way. There is another part of me that feels like for the first time in ages we have a real shot at this. It might actually work. I hope that it does. I want it to more than anything but I am no longer naive and sheltered in the ways of my womb. I try to keep my hope caged up a bit so she doesn't get out of control and we just wait. We'll know eventually right?

Monday, July 14, 2008


I guess I've hit that spot in my cycle where the waiting and unanswered questions are becoming more and more unbearable. Today is CD21 and truly I just don't know what to do or where to be within myself. Because this is a medicated cycle all of my crampiness and bloating and antsy dancy emotions are unreliable and that frustrates me.

I went to a couple of my old message board haunts just to see if I could find any info about ovulation times on clomid and such. Instead I got this icky sense of dread as I read more and more about temps and obsessing and such. Since taking a break back in December, I haven't returned to the boards and now I know why. All of that craziness is just not worth it for me. *This is not to say that some people don't find great support and a wonderful network of people to help them on message boards! I'm just saying that for me it isn't healthy and it isn't working or helping me.*

I have symptoms. Who doesn't? I have hopes. Again, who doesn't? I have doubts and terrors. Everyone has those too. I just don't know what to do with myself right now. I feel like I'm in a bad Godz.illa movie with the bitter and jaded infertile me playing Godz.illa and the me going through this cycle playing that teeny little chick he always picks up and threatens to swallow whole. Unfortunately, this time there aren't oodles of national guard and police type people maneuvering in swarms below to save me when I fall. There aren't helicopters and military type jets buzzing around the monter's head to prevent him from popping me into his mouth like a fluffy popcorn kernal. I'm just stuck in this icky tense "wait for whatever" moment to occur. This Sucks!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Generations... A show and tell post

Today I thought I would show you all my new plant. It isn't exactly new, but I wanted to give it a couple of weeks to grow up a bit before unveiling it to you. I know I've talked about how excited I get during the spring and summer before, and I know you've heard me gab about how much I love my flowers, but this one is super cool for me!

A few weeks ago, we went out and visited my grandparents. I love going out there and hanging out with them and I truly wish I could get out there much more often than I do. My grandparents are some of the coolest people on the earth for me and they have taught me so much growing up. My mom has always been a little critical or negative as moms often are with their first born, but my grandparents - they have always been there gently nudging me in the right direction. They always have a certain patience with me like they know it will all turn out right in the end.

My paternal grandmother taught me tons of things about sewing and crocheting. She taught me how to cook oatmeal and biscuits. She showed me how hard and rewarding it is to work a garden. She also taught me the importance of loving other people, giving to other people, and cleaning up my messes whether they be tangible or life messes.

My paternal grandfather taught me how to enjoy and appreciate the "noisy quiet" of a summer night on the patio. He taught me how to grease a bike chain and play outside. He showed me how to hunt for four leaf clovers and taught me patience alongside our hunts. He also taught me how precious people in our lives are. He died when I was twelve after a long illness and through that, I realized I needed to cherish every single moment.

My maternal grandparents taught me a wealth of things too! My grandfather showed me how to find a passion in something and work to do it well. He was a carpenter and in fact did much of the finish work on the apartment hubby and I now live in. I take joy and pride in that. I love knowing that when I touch the doorway as I walk in, his hands have been there too. He showed me how to fish and bottle feed a calf. We have both always enjoyed books but in the past couple of years, I have come to share my love for books with him. I learned how to laugh from him. I will never tire of his laugh.

My grandmother taught me how to worry. I know that may sound horrible to some but I actually chuckle every time I think this thought. I am a lot like her in many ways. I wring my hands and worry about all those silly details. I love lists and find myself writing them even when there is no need for a list. She also taught me her love for flowers. It is one that I am slow at but in the past few years I have grown a huge passion for. I call her all the time to ask her questions about my poor little plants. She has taught me secrets and tricks and, well... I try. I really do!

This love for plants has brought into my life something that all of the grandparents in their own way have taught me. These plants that she sends home with me have all connected me to my family. They remind me that I am a part of something much bigger than myself. Most often I am sent home with a pot of newly set cuttings from a plant that has spilled out into her yard or house sometimes taking over several pots scattered around.

As she tells me how she potted it and how to care for it, she always pops in there somewhere that this was one of her mother's plants. I remember my great grandmother vaguely and as a very small child I loved her very much. She was a caring person that often loved people too much for her own good. To know that the plants I have spilling from their pots onto my balcony or living room floor were started with her own hands reminds me how precious my time with my family is. My grandmother takes all of her plants into the well house each winter and baby's them through. She nurtures them and loves them, coaxing them out again as spring and summer emerge. She has managed to give me such a precious gift that now stretches out four generations. I hope that I can learn to keep that gift growing so that someday I can make it five!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Someone heard my plea!

Whew! I'm pooped! We had a fantastic couple of days but I am worn out! This won't be the most meaningful or eloquent post, but lots of neat things happened that I was excited to share...

Monday was pretty ho hum. We both scrubbed and grocery shopped. We finally crashed around midnight. Hubby's parents had originally planned to be at our house much earlier, but they had some unexpected setbacks. No biggie. They were supposed to call when they were close so I could make sure hubby was awake when they got in. They knocked on the door at six a.m.! It was so much fun to see hubby's dead asleep face when his parents walked in! We were all exhausted so we crashed for two or three hours and then set out to have some fun.

We spent most of the day in the city prowling around and chit chatting. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to see hubby hanging out with his mom and dad! He has missed them so much lately! He got to spend some one on one time with his dad and we all talked ourselves to sleep by eleven o'clock. Hubby and I didn't sleep much last night and finally got up early this morning to fix breakfast. His mom and dad ate and then got ready to head out. It was a short trip, but it did hubby a world of good! It was wonderful to see them again. We both miss them a lot so any time we get to spend with them is usually pretty great.

Two really cool things happened yesterday too! I saw a baby ladybug! It was crawling on the railing of our balcony between hubby and me! I meant to get a pic but I forgot. Sorry. We also saw a rainbow yesterday! Hubby's mom and dad didn't quite get how awesome that was but hubby did! It wasn't a huge bright one but it was still there and gorgeous! Hope is really bringing out all the stops this time eh?

Once his parents left I expected there to be some arguing or a big let down like usual. This time we were both so tired that neither had the energy. We sat down to a movie and I fell asleep in hubby's lap. At one point I woke up and there were huge thunderclaps outside. It made our afternoon nap even more relaxing and fabulous! Then the power went out. Only for a little while though and it gave us a chance to go out and enjoy the storm. After the lights came back on we came back in and I fixed us some lunch. It seems boring I guess but honestly it is so relaxing!

The only downside to the entire week so far has been that Zina got sick. She has a little doggy virus of some sort complete with a fever and everything. We are going to take her to the vet tomorrow morning if she isn't better. So far she seems to be feeling a bit better. Last night she was pretty sick.

Sorry for such a disjointed post today. My hormones are in full swing at the moment and my brain doesn't want to function right. At least the hot flashes have stopped though!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've lost all threads of control!

I am almost at the end of my rope today! My body has taken on a mind of its own and I am about to scream! Anyone familiar with the turmoil of infertility can understand this I'm sure! Gone are the carefree days when skipping a period was cause for celebration - that is after you run white faced into the nearest drug store, peeing on the stick in the drug store's bathroom and skipping out the door with a grin on your face and a party in your heart. Nope. Those days are gone. I don't even think I remember days like that! I don't remember being able to plan travel plans around my periods either. I always walk around with not only minimal protection in case such an emergency should arise, but an arsenal of various tools with which to levee the floods of Aunt Flo.

PCOS brings on a whole new set of rules for the infertile to play with. Metformin always keeps you on your toes with constant fear of what each bite of food will bring you in the future. Forget scheduling pictures for your family! You will inevitably arrive bearing the face of a twelve year old struggling with the woes of puberty and acne. Once you have battled the acne and filled your medicine cabinet with a year's salary worth of creams and such from your dermatologist, there is sometimes a band of stray hairs waiting in the bushes to sabatoge any relief you have found in your costly cabinet! This leaves you defenseless and plucking while the battle of the bulge takes over, suffocating that tiny calorie packing teen you used to be. The result? An exercising, calorie counting fanatic, cursing the someone that must have super glued the needle on her scales because for some reason they never friggin move! This is all of course minor little scrapes and bangs compared to the true horror that comes from your drunk off PCOS Aunt Flo! She may not show up for a year, then all of a sudden she will rush in like a hurricane refusing to leave for weeks on end. Bitch!

This all seems bad enough to any outsider, but we all know the story gets worse right? Of course it does! The downward spiral doesn't truly begin until the clock starts to tick and the images of tiny little feet and drooling smiles take over our dreams and hearts. We try everything. We commit to a crazy calendar locked life, timing and waiting every step of the way. We take new medications that render us helpless in our battle of control.

This is where I am now. This morning I got sick. No biggie. I had expected it to happen at some point. It was a very brief situation and then life moved on. I took care of other people's babies for three hours and headed over to my parents for a day of laundry. I thought all was well....HA! Dad in all his penny pinching glory had set the thermostat on "roast" and of course my body went nuts! I have been wringing sweat since eleven-thirty this morning (note: I did not even leave church until noon-ish, but somehow I know my dad is to blame!). As I got up to switch out laundry I noticed that my back seemed a bit sore. Not long after the twinges of cramping and pain started. I was actually kind of happy for the first four hours. My body was working. That was a long time ago though! Good golly, how long does it take to lay an egg!?!? With all of the twitching, sweating, cramping, and such, exhaustion set in. My body feels like it is made out of lead! Oh and did I mention the gargantuan zit I had this morning? Ack! Out of control I tell you!


Ask me how I feel about this (aside from the desire to run around naked and screaming due to the intense heat). I'm happier than a pig in mud! For once, my arsenal of drugs, creams, and calculations are working and my body is yielding to my command. Well.... I know, I know.....ok fine....

Darn it! Let me have my moment!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Someone got a hair cut! A show and tell post...

In the absence of children, so many of us find ways to stifle the overwhelming emptiness in our homes and lives. Some of us travel hunting for new places and sights. Some of us hang out in the great outdoors seeking out new adventures and thrills. Some of us work pushing our way up the ladder. Then, there are those of us like hubby and myself that try to fill it with fur.

Hubby and I have both always had a dog in our life. We both grew up with them as kids and now as a married couple we can't imagine life without them. Right now we have two. We have Parker - a Shih Tzu/chihuaua cross and Zina a minature pinscher.

When we moved close to his parents we had to leave my puppy behind until we found a new place. He got very depressed and one day just after Thanksgiving he slipped out the door at my parents. I was heartbroken and angry that we had not been able to bring him with us in the first place. Hubby felt horrible and got Parker the day we moved into our new place a week before Christmas. He weighed half a pound and we carried him in a shirt pocket so we didn't lose him. His first toy was as tall as he was! As he grew up we noticed that his hair did not grow like we had expected. Most Shih Tzus have a thick undercoat and a coarser top coat that flows over it. Parkie got the shallow end of the gene pool unfortunately and while his hair does grow long, very little of it is coarse and flowy. This makes him look like an oversized cotton ball at times. Most often though, his hair is kinky and wildly out of control!

We quickly devised a plan of action after realizing not only that his hair is out of control but that Parker seems to prefer it and will fight tooth and nail to avoid a brush. We let his hair grow through the year and by summer when he looks his worst we spend a tortuous half day shaving him for the hot weather. I know we could go to a groomer, but in our tiny town there isn't one and to be honest I'm afraid if we ever did take him to one, he would be banished for life for his grumpy behavior!

Last week we finally had as much as we could take with his horrific locks and a whole grocery bag of hair later he is.....


He spends a lot of his time curled up in his new favorite spot - the closet! He hangs out there curled up on a blanket in the corner. If he isn't there he is snuggled up as close as he can get to us and if there is a blanket, you can bet he is under it!

I don't know what we would do without these guys! We love them so much and truly treat them like our kids a lot of the time. Mom even calls them her granddogs!

What do you do or have (or did or have in some cases) that helps you live in a home without children?

A shot of Zina so she doesn't get jealous!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Who is that knocking on our door?

I finished the clomid last night. So far other than a few headaches and the overwhelming sense that my reproductive parts are going to swell and burst out of me at any moment, I feel ok. Things have been a bit tense in the house the past couple of days but for reasons that do not involve mood swings or medications. It seems we have a few visitors creeping into the quiet safe little cave we call home.

The first thing that crept in was fear. It bit hubby very hard on the rump and scared the behoovits out of him. It has caused a shutdown in his emotional control center as of late and it infuriates me when that happens! He just wants to play his games and nod my direction on occasion. He's worried about being a good dad and doing things the right way. He had a rough childhood and it follows him making fatherhood a scary prospect. I know he does this and I can't do anything about it. I can't do much to help him either when he's shut down like that. He won't talk about it until something stupid comes up and one of us explodes in anger. It is so frustrating though. We took a break from ttc for a month or two before my migraines took priority. This is why we took the break. The emotional breakdown is just overwhelming sometimes. To have a baby is such a life changing concept and to not have one is just devastating. We're trying to be open and up front with things and check in often this go round. Still, it's getting mucky over here again.

This brings me round to the next uninvited guest. Hope. I'm scared to death of Hope! I never gave her permission to come in my house. I never told her she was allowed to breathe on my husband let alone wrap her grubby little paws around his neck! Hubby is so convinced that this is going to work and that we will have a little one soon. I'm not so easily manipulated. Part of me longs to secretly dream and start assembling the furniture. The other part, the bigger part, tells me to stand firm and not allow her intoxicating breath to lure me in. I know that there are statistics and I know that we always seem to fall in that "other percent." You know, the one no one likes to post because it means failure. I would love to be excited about this and gear up for mommy mode but thankfully our ever constant pet Disappointment holds me in place.

On top of all these uninvited critters having their way about our home and hearts, my in-laws are coming! What the heck!?!?! They very seldom ever visit. I think we have seen them three maybe four times in the two years we've been here and one of those times involved us renting a vehicle and knocking on their door. I had hoped they would come after hubby's mom hinted at it, and I convinced him to take the weekend of the 4th off. Of course they had to come during the week instead huh? Thankfully, he has Monday and Tuesday off so he can see them. They will only be here for a day but I feel like I have to scrub every corner! I have convinced myself to hold off until tomorrow or Sunday though so no one can mess it back up. I think I have the food worked out, but I am clueless as to what we can do to pass the time. I suppose we could always do what my grandfather told me to do and twiddle our thumbs!

So, today I'm going to work on my blanket and try to will myself not to think about things. I'm going to procrastinate on the preparations for our visit next week and I'm going to ignore all of our current guests for a while and play the bad hostess. Maybe if they see I'm not pulling out the fine china tea set they will pack up and leave?

*** This is not to say that I am not ecstatic that his parents are visiting! I love it when they do! I wish they could stay a week rather than a day! I just get stressed over the planning and the money and I hate knowing I will have to see hubby's face fall when they leave.***

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Iamsis...my sis

My sister came over last night to pick up her decrepit laptop and to swim. During the summer she comes over often and we head down to the complex's pool to hang out for a couple of hours. Last night was no exception. The water was much colder than normal and apparently that had scared off all of the teeny boppers and obnoxious folk (thankfully). We had the whole place to ourselves for a good part of our time and we had a chance to discuss all those silly girl things two sisters discuss.

Not long after we got in, a family came in with three very small children and what we assumed was another on the way. They were absolutely adorable and very well behaved. The oldest little girl was so funny and friendly. She immediately trudged over on her little floatie and said "Hi! I'm Leah! Who are you?" We giggled and told her our names. My sister went first with "Hi! I am Sis. Leah, giggled and said "Iamsis...nice name." and turned to me. We laughed a while over that one.

Not long after, they left to find warm towels and head to bed. Sis and I stayed on discussing the meaning of life, love, and peanut butter. It hit me kind of slow like how different I am from her. My sister has always followed close behind me in good little sister fashion, trying to mimic a lot of the things I do. We are only three years apart but already our lives have taken drastically different turns.

She was in high school when I first moved to the city. I had a very hard time in high school and I wanted to do anything to get away from it. This move I think was good for her in that she finally had to be the oldest kid and take care of herself and my little brother. Not long after I moved into the city, I met and married hubby and she and little bro got mad at hubby. Big time! Two years ago when we moved back here my relationship with Sis turned into a very cool adult sister relationship. We're really close now and I love that.

Sis is slowly becoming an independent adult. I ran terrified from my past into adulthood embracing it with all my strength. Sis has slowly waded in pausing often to absorb the shock much like we both did at the pool last night. She moved away to college last summer and it was probably the hardest thing she has ever done. She gets homesick very quickly and never strayed from home much even as a kid. She is trying to figure out the dating scene and all that silliness too. She still plays games with the boys and lets her overdramatic personality take charge a lot of the time.

By the time I was her age I had been married three years and we had been trying for three years. I had attended my best friend's funeral, dealt with a miscarriage, moved five or six times and started college. As I listened to her rattle on carefree about how many children she wanted and what she would name them, I realized I had to fastforward through that phase. Within the first six months of our marriage we knew having children was going to be hard. We went from discussions of four to prayers for one. We discussed names in a quiet scared whisper and never lingered on that topic for very long.

There is part of me that envies my sister now. I wish I could go back and soak up those fancy free days where the crisis of the week is what color nail polish to wear. I love her very much and in her own way she helps me so much with my struggles. I can't tell her much because mom loves to pump her for info but I can dream with her and imagine a life where infertility hasn't got a solid grip on my heart. We can sit for several hours sometimes looking at cute little baby things and giggling over silly names. We can talk about boys and how weird they are. We talk about the future when we will both drive mini vans and meet at the soccer field while our kids grow up side by side.

She was such a pain in the butt when we were growing up, but now she has become one of my best friends. We have our moments when her dramatic productions grate my nerves but I love her despite all of that. I can't wait to see her find the man of her dreams and settle down. I pray quite often for that poor man. He will have to be a saint with the patience of Job to manage her tantrums! When I'm saying those prayers I usually find myself whispering a quiet prayer that she can remain fancy free and unjaded by the horrors of infertility. I hope she gets her four kids someday, and I'll be happy if I can get just one...