Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Peeking out from under the paper and bows...

I'm here. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday however you celebrate. We had a pretty good time. Hubby had some very scroogey moments and I'm not sure what to think about all that yet, but all in all things went well. We had a great time with the family and I think everyone went away happy minus a card game that got a little loud and out of control with some of the younger group.

I went with mom today to ship my sister off to London on her first plane ride and very first international experience. We sat for two hours and just as the professor (she is going on a study abroud trip for two weeks) started to hand out the tickets a big red "cancelled" popped up on the board. Grrr. The flight was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow due to mechanical issues so off we go again tomorrow to send her out again.

In the meantime hubby is at work and I am very happy to be at home finally comfy in my pjs and relaxing with the pooches. I'm starting to worry about all that yummy sugar I ingested this year and I hope to knock it all out again with the new year coming. I know it is so cliche' but whatever works right? I have had some major hormone related issues lately including af disappearing and some very severe and intense migraines. I can't say that I have been as good lately with my metformin as I should, but I have only missed a dose here and there and I can't see that causing as many issues as I have had. The only variable I can come up with is my diet which my doctor insists is not a major concern in my case. I think very differently about this. I noticed the most drastic changes when I cut out allll my sugar. Weight melted off, I felt a ton better, my skin was crystal clear, and af came on the stroke of the clock every 31 days. I was taking Provera for a good part of that time too though. We're going to give it a go and see what happens anyway.

Enough of the ttc talk for a while though (I'm trying to enjoy as much time off from it as I can till next week). We got some great stuff this year for Christmas. We got an awesome table and chairs! Our last apartment was furnished so we had no need for one and since being here we just haven't gotten one because A. neither of us felt it important enough to part with the money for and B. the computers took up the vast majority of our dining space. I'm so excited about this set though. The table is very sturdy and made of wood but the whole entire set can fold up and stow or move if we need. It is fantastic! I am even looking forward to putting our tree away and taking Christmas down just so I can move furniture back around to make a better place for it! I've never wanted to take our tree down (Once, I convinced my mom when I was a kid to leave ours up until March and turn it into an Easter tree!)! I also got an amazing huge framed Wizard of Oz movie picture! The link shows the picture although my picture is at least 36" across! It is done in a really nice dark wooden frame that makes it look very classy. I also got my diamond ring despite some minor problems. Hubby didn't go empty handed either. He got some new pjs (thank goodness!) and a new guitar. He got money for an amp and all the extras that go with a guitar. He got some nice shirts and a pullover that I think he's going to wear every day until the temperature gets back in the 80s!

Sorry. I know this post rambled about a lot of fluff but I'm still reeling from my post Christmas loot and food stupor. I just thought I would peek out for a bit and say hi and wish you all a good week. I'm going to go sift through this mess of paper, bows, and boxes and try to see how much I can tick off the garbage man this year! I hope you all find your way out too!

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