Thursday, April 3, 2008


I don't have too much today to say. I have a ton of things swirling around but it is taking a ton of time to type out one word. I have gone back time and time to retype a word and then retype it again so it isn't a good blog night. I have felt my brain fill and empty and refill again. I started my 6 pill a day week and I guess it is affecting me in a bizarre way. I can't think clearly and I feel muddy.

I have a very mild dull ache in my head that moves from place to place but has eased off a bit since we left Dan and Dot's and their very bright living room with their very vocal little girl! I still have that weird eye thing I get where my eyes feel heavy and and droopy and the edges are kind of blurry so I know I have a doozy coming. I wanted to come home to take some medicine but I hate to until I know for sure that it has started truly hurting so I guess I'm just gonna sit here in the dark and quiet and wait.

Until then I am going to go hang out on the couch and quietly watch a movie in the dark and hope the storm can pass me over. Sorry bout that. Hopefully tomorrow I can piece together enough words to make up a decent post for once!

I will tell you we are doing a restaurant for the kids at school tomorrow! I'm excited! I made up this menu, and we are ordering in pizza. We have table cloths and fancy napkins. We named the restaurant and gave them several drink choices, desert choices, chips, etc. They get to "order" their food and then we will write them a "ticket" and they will bring it to us with a bag of play money and they have to count out and "pay" us! We've been teaching them money and thought this would be a fun way to end the unit. We even got our amazing music teacher to provide some live music for our little italian cafe! Should be fun and I'm going to get pictures! The newspaper is supposed to come too! Yay!

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