Friday, October 23, 2009

One month down... two to go

Tomorrow I start my second month of provera. It wasn't too horrible this month I don't guess. AF and I have definitely had worse issues, but that whole two weeks at a time thing is frustrating.

I'm still hovering at the ten pound mark. I think some of it may have to do with my scale. I tested the theory last night. On three different occasions now I have stepped on the scale while toweling off after a shower and the scale shows that I have lost three or four pounds. It got me wondering. Last night I decided to do a little experiment. In a span of five minutes I stepped on the scale three separate times. The first time showed that I had not only gained all ten pounds of my lost weight back, but I had added an additional five pounds to the mix. The second time it was ten pounds lighter suggesting that I had lost five pounds. The third time it was another ten pounds less than that suggesting that my total weight loss was fifteen pounds.

I think we have a problem. I understand fluctuations, but seriously?

This is the most frustrating aspect of my life right now. I am eating so little and I am exercising a lot and I am losing nothing according to the numbers.

I eat 1 cup of honey nut o's for breakfast each morning with 4oz of 2% milk - 160 calories
I eat a grilled chicken salad, a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with half a serving of turkey and a smidge of mustard, or half a chicken breast with some steamed veggies for lunch. I make a point to keep this calorie count around 200.
On my long school nights I try to eat a snack to get me through class. I stick to an apple or a turkey sandwich. It never ever exceeds 200 calories.
Supper is some form of chicken breast baked or grilled with two veggies. I do not use any oils or fats unless I put a little dressing on my salad which is rare or if I splurge and bake up a half of a potato. I will coat these potato spears in half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, but I only do that once a week. For supper I try to aim for 600 calories, but I rarely make it that far.

That's it. That is all I eat every single day. I walk at least a mile every day and I do 100 crunches before bed every single night. Still, the scale is not budging. What more can I do?
The potatoes and my daily cereal are the only "white foods or sugars" that I eat. Oh well, I'm just going to try my best. No one can say I'm not trying right now. This whole way of life can be very boring.

I just keep telling myself that eventually this will all start to tilt in my favor. I sure hope so.

The week hasn't been all bad. I crossed a major milestone in one of my writing projects this week. I crossed over the 50k word mark. I also lined up several crochet projects and Hubby is finally working! He's been out of work since May. That should be a huge weight off my shoulders soon!

I hope you have all had a great week. Sorry I've been a bit boring here lately. I have some things in the works, so stay posted. I need some creative ways to add to my exercise routine. Something that doesn't seem like it would burn calories (preferably free). I also need some really great low cal chicken recipes. I'm running out of ideas!


Photogrl said...

I think a new scale is needed!

I marinate my chicken breasts in fat free italian dressing, then have M. grill them a little extra flavor. Then I have them for salads, sandwiches, dinner.


Amanda said...

It sounds like you are doing things right. Did you stay on the met? I found weight loss a lot easier on it but if you are still on it and having this trouble sounds like you should document/journal it and try to show your dr. at you next appointment. Some cardio exercise (exercise DVD maybe?) in lieu of crunches may help to move things along.

I think a new scale might be helpful too.

The Lynchs said...

Definitely sounds like you need a new scale since yours is playing tricks on you!!

With the chicken - I always marinate in a little olive oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary. SO refreshing and yummy!