Friday, August 9, 2013

He felt it!

So this is a story for the ages, but I will warn you, there might be a little tmi here for some. I promise to keep as PG as I can though.

Hubs and I have both been leery of "relations" with this pregnancy. Early on I had some spotting and that was the end of our regular romps. The doctor told us that it would get better in the second trimester, but we're still cautious and fun time is rare.

Last night hubs came home and we were both a bit desperate (those hormones are crazy!), so we decided to "enjoy one another's company". It was one of those you scratch my back then I'll scratch yours sort of nights. I was first. I had my hands on my belly to support it and right in the middle of the moment, I felt it. A kick! A real full on kick to my hand!

I immediately burst out laughing because it sort of tickled and startled me. Hubs looked at me funny and said "Seriously? Could you focus on the task at hand?" He had no idea this was the first real kick I had ever felt on the outside. I saved my news until after and I reluctantly moved my hands from my belly.

All of the movement I have felt until now had been inside. I felt the baby shift from one side to another once, but I really think it was more an internal thing and I just realized what it was. I tried to get hubs to hang out and feel it again last night, but he didn't have the patience to do it.

I thought that would be an isolated incident, but at work this morning I finally took a minute to sit down even though I had to pee. I could feel the baby wiggling around, so I put my hands on my belly like I normally do and I was rewarded several minutes later with a tiny boink. It was so much fun. I could actually feel the baby move from time to time.

My friend came in the office and looked at me funny and then immediately put her hand on my belly. She knew what I was doing. We both suddenly looked up with surprised faces when she got her very own tiny tap.

I was determined hubs would feel a kick tonight. When he got home I drank some ice water and at a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream to get the sea monkey dancing. Then I went back to his office and stretched out on the spare bed. The first time he was just too impatient, but I finally got him to come back and he put his ear on my belly. We waited a couple of minutes and suddenly he said "Was that it? Oh my gosh! That was so weird!" He was hooked and sat there for a couple minutes more grinning from ear to ear. Sea monkey kicked him in the head twice tonight!

I am completely addicted to my belly now! That was definitely one of those lifetime milestones. I also think the story of my first kick will have us laughing for many years!

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