Monday, August 19, 2013

Another comical milestone

Tomorrow sea monkey will be 20 weeks and halfway there! For the most part I love being pregnant. I feel full on kicks and movements now. That is the one part of pregnancy I anticipated more than anything and it's better than I hoped. I am hopelessly in love with this tiny person! Hubs and I have a lot of fun feeling the baby together at night. I think it has really helped hubs feel better about things too. He still has a lot of fear.

We also bought an app for my phone called BabyScope. It isn't as good as a doppler, but I do get to hear sea monkey's heartbeat for brief moments with it which is just another level of peace for us. Sea monkey hates the thing which is even funnier because we are always rewarded with a huge kicking circus too as she/he tries to kick the mic away.

We are only 14 days away from the big appointment. I am so ready for this appointment. The suspense is killing me (and the rest of the family)!

Yesterday, as the title suggests, I reached another milestone that I found embarrassing but rather funny. My mother seemed to think it was absolutely hilarious...

It was just the two of us after church yesterday, so we went to lunch together. As I sat in the driver's seat after lunch, I dropped my phone. I didn't hesitate and just started to reach over and pick it up.... It wasn't happening! Bucket seats, belly, baby, I couldn't do it. My mom started laughing hysterically. I hung my head in shame and proceeded to get out of the car. It was at that moment that I realized I had started modifying my bend over technique too. I spread my legs a bit farther apart so I can bend over much less gracefully than before. My mom laughed at me the whole way home.

I was horrified that it was too early for this, but Mom assured me it was okay and perfectly normal about this time. I'm going to go with that for now.

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Michelle said...

Yay for half way! :)

I'm 27 weeks tomorrow, and my mother pointed out to me yesterday that I've started to waddle. I've been doing the weird bending to pick things up for a few weeks, and now apparently I waddle.

The kicking never seems to get old to me either. I am amused to the point of being able to sit and just watch my belly over and over now that I can see the movement pretty constantly.