Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4 more weeks!

I have been terrible at not posting, and for that I apologize. Life is sort of crazy right now. The past few weeks I have been consumed with this long to do list I needed to finish before school started back. I still did not get finished with everything I wanted, but most of the things I have left can wait a little while, so I'm not too worried.

Monday was appointment day. Everyone had to go to their doctor's appointments while I could squeeze them all in. Apparently I decided Monday was going to be a really good day because I scheduled all our appointments for the same day without meaning to. It worked out well though. My mom had an appointment for her eyes which have improved thankfully. She still can't drive yet, but she's very close! My grandmother has been giving us an increasingly difficult time. Thankfully, the doctor had a chance to witness her on an out of sorts day which proved to be rather comical. I was so relieved. He has referred her to a geriatric psychiatrist to help us assess where she is with the dementia and work out a better situation for her.

She quit taking all of her meds back around Christmas and didn't tell anyone for several months. She quit her thyroid medicine, her breathing treatments, her dementia meds, her anxiety meds, all of it! It caused a rapid decline in her mental abilities we think. I hope this specialist can help us get things under control a little better before the baby comes. I'm terrified about her behavior when the baby comes.

Of course you know I had to have an appointment too! It was my 18w appt according to my dates, but the doc has me down a few days behind. I had gained 10 pounds since the last visit. He wasn't too pleased with that (oops!). I'm working on doing better with some of that and I am walking every afternoon I can, plus I go back to work this week so I won't be such a couch potato. He also told me he wants me to do the glucose test twice due to my PCOS. I will do one next appointment and then another at around 28 weeks. He is making me wait until my next appointment for the anatomy scan which is so frustrating! I will be 22 weeks! I have to wait 4 more weeks to see this little person and to find out what it is! 4 Weeks!!!!!

My mom got to go with me to this appointment and hear the baby's heartbeat which measured at 150 this time. That is the most beautiful sound in the world right now!

I also feel a lot of movement now. This morning at work I realized I've been missing out by sleeping late. She was all over the place early this morning which was so much fun and actually helped me coast through the first day easier.

I am also keeping our neighbor's little boy now. He will stay with me after school is over until his parents or his grandmother get off work between 9 and midnight every night. He's six and alllll boy! It's fun though, he just has a lot more energy than I could ever hope to have right now and my television choices have dramatically changed!

Hopefully, I can keep up with all of the changes and the new schedule!

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Michelle said...

Yay for 18 weeks! :) I had to laugh when picturing what you say you're dealing with, regarding grandma. Not in a making fun type of way, but mine is 89, had several mini strokes and is seriously gone. Some days, she is the most trying person in the world to deal with, and can be so mean and nasty when she wants to be. It's very frustrating to deal with, and I call her my 89 year old toddler. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth.
I also have PCOS, and will be doing my glucose test at the next appt. They didn't say anything about taking it twice...hopefully it is a one time deal, and comes back negative. My craving is sweets at the moment.
Hope the next 4 weeks go by quickly! It seems to take forever when they say 4 more weeks for news that huge!