Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Awe

I've been so anxious this week. I didn't think today would ever come! We finally had our anatomy scan today at 22 weeks exactly. I also had to have an early GD test due to my pcos which made me anxious too. I didn't sleep well at all last night! It was all completely worth it!

It's a girl! ..... We're mostly sure...

The screen lit up and there was our little sea monkey! The last time we saw the baby was at 9 weeks when tiny little arm and leg buds were just poking out. This was a real wriggling little baby! It was everything I've ever dreamed of. The doctor shared a big laugh with us over the stubborn position she insisted on staying in. I warned him, and when he realized I was right, he thought it was hilarious. She was stretched out like she was in a lazy boy with one arm crooked and her hand behind her head just like hubs sits! It was so funny to see her already acting out one of hubs's quirks.

She refused to move into a decent position, so the doc couldn't get good measurements on several things even though he spent a long while with us trying (bought us more viewing time!). In addition, the little stinker had the cord directly between her legs, so while he got a great shot, the cord made it hard to be certain. After a long while he finally said "I'm pretty sure this is a little girl. I don't see boy parts and at this point even with the cord, I should be able to see them if they were there. He gave us a 95% sure vote for girl, told us to buy pink, but save the receipts, and scheduled another scan three weeks from now (We get to see her again!).

I know anything can happen. We are no strangers to the "anythings" of life, but I think both of us are finally entertaining the thought that we really might get to meet our rainbow baby!

Here's a sneak peek....


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Michelle said...

Congrats!!! Your ultrasound experience sounds a lot like mine, stubborn little girls!! I had to go back 3 weeks later and finalize the anatomy scans. She was stubborn then as well.