Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Performing live....

My belly has become my new favorite pastime. Television, books, chores, the hundred and one projects I should be doing: they all take a back seat to the belly channel! She really has moved from a transverse position to a vertical position which has made her movement very visible and funny.

This morning I was testing two kiddos and had to sit quietly until they finished. I pulled up a comfy chair and of course the show began! There was this little bump just above my belly button on my left side. I rubbed it lightly and it moved. I had to work hard not to giggle out loud. I was sitting there playing with the baby and suddenly felt her jump, only I felt it at the top and the bottom of my belly at the exact same time. It was such a strange feeling! About five or six seconds later it happened again and I could physically see my belly bounce. Sea Monkey had the hiccups! I almost had to leave the room because I got so cracked up watching her!

I feel like a scene from a science fiction movie. Her movements are so much stronger and visible now. I can even see her sometimes move from one side to the other like a tiny underwater wave. As I type this she is in there poking around and insisting I remove my phone from my belly. I should be working on stuff or in the bed, but she is just way too much fun!

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