Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We are in for so much trouble! I had my follow up u/s yesterday. We had to go back because little stinker would turn and moon the screen every time doc tried to see the heart or anything else of importance. Hubs had to work and we were assured this would be a quick peek with no excitement, so my mom went with me.

Monkey was absurdly active from the start. Doc managed to chase down the pictures he wanted though with a lot of prodding, jiggling, and laughing from all three of us. It turned into much more than a sneak peek! The doc jotted some things down and then without looking at me asked the magic question....

"So, what did we say this was last time?"

My heart leaped into my throat and I firmly said "Ummm girl...."

Doc jiggled me again and after a few seconds he looked up at me with a funny grin and said, "I don't think that's right. Let me try a different angle."

My mom said nothing. She just stood and leaned across the table to see the screen. The room went silent and all eyes were glued to the screen. Seconds later, there it was and I burst out laughing. My mom simply uttered an "Oh dear!"

Doc tried about five different angles and every single time, you could tell that our little stinker had played a big prank on us all!

                                                   Our little She is most definitely a He!

He is currently in a breech position which just confirms what I thought. My belly resembles a bowl of mexican jumping beans most nights now, which I find hilarious! Everything looked wonderful on the u/s this time and hubs and I are over the moon! We did a small bit of shopping last night for a few items of the bluer variety and made plans to store all the pink stuff for the future.

I really am excited. I did consider this scenario a couple of times and worried that I might be disappointed, but I only love him more. This prank matches what I feel his personality already is, and reminded me a lot of hubs and his sense of humor. Every time I say his name now (we quickly switched channels!) I just giggle.

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Michelle said...

What a surprise! At least you found out now and have time to prepare still and not a huge surprise when you're at the hospital with only pink! Boys are fun! They have a special bond with their mama too. :)

I'm 32 weeks now, and mine is finally turned head down and seems to be staying that way now for the past 2-3 weeks. She was breech at both ultrasounds and sideways for a while after. Lots of time to turn still.
Congrats on a BOY!