Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Pat's Recap!!!

I don't know if I have mentioned it but St. Patrick's Day has become one of my favorite days of the year. It has managed to rank up there with Christmas. They are I suppose going to require a photo finish and a microscopic inspection to determine the winner for now we'll just settle with a tie. St. Patrick's Day has all the elements that make me smile so it just goes without saying that it would become a close favorite! I love Green! It is my favorite color, and I would splash every inch of our home with it if I could (someday I'm going to win that argument with hubby!). Rainbows (of course!) are also very special to me and they are always mentioned and/or pictured with St. Pat. It is maybe one of the reasons why this day brings me such hope and happiness. The other reason.... Spring! I have always associated St. Pat's with Spring. The first day of spring and St. Pat are always mere days from each other and why not celebrate the green holiday with a bit of spring added in? It is usually a good way for me to wipe away the winter gloominess still lingering around and make my way to the top again. Hubby's bday is also on the 18th so we always make a big go of things on the 17th and just enjoy two days of celebrating and fun!

With that being said....

Congratulations to Serenity! She has been travelling the IF road for a long time and finally has her pot of gold!

We had a wee fellow visit our classroom yesterday also. The kids were in total shock at the mess left by our pesky little leprechaun fellow and I took some photos as evidence. I thought I would share one or two with you....

Note the glitter and shamrocks he also left littered all over the floor and tables. It was quite a mess he made! This was spread out through three classes and even went across the main hallway! What a booger that little green guy was!

I've been nursing a migraine since last night. I thought I would manage to sneak by this month without any but alas, I've been spotted and as a result I have been brought to my knees for nearly 24 hours with waves of agony. I can pick up my new meds on Thursday provided I don't shrivel up between now and then.

I will leave you with a couple more pictures. They are very dear and special to my heart. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my departure for Belarus. This small old fashioned country filled my heart and forever changed my life with its beautiful children and kind loving people. I am homesick today for those people and hope soon to be able to return and visit for a while again...

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