Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I can smell it in the air

Spring is coming. I just know it is. People at work keep telling me that this is just a trick and it will freeze over for three days this week. I'm not convinced. I realize there are a few freezy days coming our way but I don't care as long as the birds sing and the kids can go outside the next day.

My mom called in sick yesterday and I took her class. We have a shortage of substitutes these days so the assistants have to step in and take over. I took the kids outside yesterday and it was beautiful! The sun was shining and despite a bit of mud, it was perfect!

I came home and immediately yanked my husband back outside for a couple of walks around the complex. We took the pups and had a blast! I feel so much better when I can get some sun and air. We came in last night and despite our best efforts to stay on task with our video gaming and such we both gravitated toward the bed for a quiet moment with open windows.

I opened all of the windows up last night and a storm blew in a couple of hours before bed. We just lay there in silence snuggled up listening to the rain and thunder. I slept so good last night! I love this time of year and I am very upset at the thought of the last freeze or two we have before spring officially makes her debut. But... She is on her way. She made this very clear to me and I am so excited about her impending arrival that I think I can hang on for a few more days!

Mom is still out sick today and I'm pretty sure I'll have her class again today but that's ok. I feel like I can manage so much with the windows open. It is a good thing too. I have a lot to handle right now.

Hubby has an interview this morning. The money isn't great but for now it will pay the electric company and that's all I'm freaking about really. Hopefully he will get this job and we can start the long road back up again. We are on rocky sandy ground right now and I'm not sure what is going to happen. I'm as honest as I can be with it though. I've just dealt with as much as I can and my heart has closed a bit. I guess we'll see what happens. With the windows open it is much easier to air out the reality of situations though so perhaps we can get through.

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