Monday, April 6, 2009

Buggy Too Cute Tuesday

I was at church a few Sundays ago with my 2 year olds. We were having fun playing a game on the carpet when one of them spotted a bug that had expired. She came to me with a worried look and pointed, saying "Budgh. Wook. Budgh Yuck!"

All four of them crowded around the belly up beetle and waited expectantly for him to scatter away. One of the little boys looked up at me and frowned. "He bwoke," he said, confused. Then I saw eight little eyes looking at me for a response.

I thought it was as good a time as any to introduce them to a gentle explanation of death. I know it is just a bug to some, but for two and three year olds, it is a big deal. I nodded. "Yes, Mr. Bug is broken."

The same little boy smiled and said "Oh, Awian fix."

I shook my head. "No, Mr. Bug is a kind of broken that we can't fix."

With instant understanding the little boy looked up and said triumphantly...

"His battewy wunned out."

All the kids took this as a perfectly acceptable idea and went back to playing.

Who could argue with such a simple explanation?


Kristin said...

Love that explanation!

alicia said...

haha that is way too cute!

Anonymous said...

hehehe thats sweet !