Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let the sick be gone from here!

Thursday started like any normal Thursday would. I woke up grumbling and still sleepy, forcing myself into the shower and then into my pants. Mom pulled in the parking lot to pick me up and as I walked down the steps of our apartment, I realized my arms and legs felt really heavy. I kicked myself in the butt mentally for going to bed so late the night before and crawled into her car.

She picked me up at 7:20. By 8:00 the nausea had set in and my entire body ached. I kept thinking that if I could just make it till lunch, I would be fine. I called Hubby to bring me some medicine, but he was asleep and I had put the phone in the other room to keep him that way. Darn my kindness sometimes! In the middle of calling my house five million times, my legs started to give way. I was beyond exhausted. I started bawling (something I don't normally do unless I'm really sick) and called my brother to come pick me up and carry my pathetic tush home.

I slept for three days.


That night Hubby came home to a feverish mess of a wife that couldn't eat or stand without help. I had been asleep for about twelve hours at that point. He gave me medicine, tried to get me to eat, tucked me back in, and I was out until one o'clock Friday afternoon. I ate some soup, went back to sleep at two and got up again at seven. I managed three or four hours of television watching before crashing again until sometime this afternoon.

I have no clue what has befallen me, but I am calling it out right now! I demand that whatever this craziness is, leaves my house before tomorrow! Get Out! I have too much to do! I can not be bothered with this silly stuff!

I will say that today I feel almost human again. My head is still splitting and my arms and legs don't seem to want to move that well, but I can eat and sit up which is a drastic improvement!

I will have a post for show and tell tomorrow! The sickness can split my skull, suck the life out of my limbs, leave me writhing in nauseating misery, but By Georgie! there will be a show and tell post!


Kristin said...

Feel better hon. This crap thats been going around has been miserable.

Lucy said...

Hope you feel better soon!