Monday, April 13, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday... Superhero edition!

I bet you didn't know that we have Superheroes in our kindergarten!

Well, it's true!

In our class right now, we have one awesomely amazing "Imiana Dones."
(I so wish I could record him saying this for you all! It is the cutest, funniest thing ever!)

I love this kid so much and I swear if it ever came to pass, I would go through flaming hoops to give this little boy a home with the creative outlets he so desperately needs!

So, Imiana Dones was sitting at his table a couple of weeks ago and he was struggling to stay with the teacher during her lesson. He was fidgety and antsy all morning. He didn't complete his work that day and got in trouble several times for unruly behavior. This is not uncommon for our little Imiana, but on this particular day he had been exceptionally wound up.

I came in to the room just in time to hear his exasperated teacher ask him, "Imiana, what on earth has caused you to have such a difficult time today?"

The adorable Imiana looked up at his teacher with wide blue-eyed innocence and then hung his head shaking it just slightly back and forth in disgust. Finally, he looked up and shrugged with his hands in the air never missing a beat.

"I dunno Miss Teacher, it's just - my powers. Dey aren't working wif me today."

I left the room just before bursting into a fit of giggles.


Kristin said...

That is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time.

cysteract said...

LMAO! i'm goona use that! How Sweet.

alicia said...

ahh too cute! he sounds precious!