Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New Friend

As promised, I have something very fun to show you all today! If you hadn't heard already, we have been suffering from ailing computers for a while now. Hubby's video card went first, then my comp got a devastating virus. Not even a week after we had them both back up and running, Hubby's power supply shorted out and rendered his comp useless. We moved my comp to the living room to share. My school money should be here in a week or two and we planned on using the extra to get me something else.

Yesterday, Hubby promised me a trip to Goo.dwill. I love that store! I probably enjoy the treasure hunting I do in there a little too much! It is one of the small pleasures in life I allow myself sometimes though. Hubby stayed true to his word and we wandered around the store several times before he started giving me the look. I shrugged defeat and said we would leave after looking at the glass case they had up front with the "expensive" stuff in it.

I wasn't really paying attention to anything in the cases until Hubby grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He was jabbering and pointing. I just let him jabber and point. I figured he had found a video game or something. Then I looked closer. It was a mini notebook just like the one I have been anxiously spying for weeks as I waited for my school money.

The lady pulled it out for us and it was quickly evident that it had never been used. She said that it had come from and had been a return without a receipt most likely. I smiled wistfully at the shiny surface of the computer and turned to check out. I told Hubby there was no way we could afford even such a deal on it right now. He kept prodding.

I finally agreed to call my mom and see if she would loan me the money until my school money came in. I braced myself for her irritated sighs and winced waiting for her response. She was so nonchalant and agreeable about it that I almost asked her what she had been drinking. A half hour later, she walked in to the store, gave it a look over, and told the lady to bag it up!

It is very tiny, but more than serves my needs! It is actually very powerful for its size. I have missed the freedom my old laptop offered me, but I didn't miss the cumbersome heavy bag I had to lug from class to class. When my mom got one of these a few months ago I knew it would be perfect for school and give me more freedom to write wherever and whenever I want!

Most of the ones we have looked at have a squished keyboard and teeny screen. This one has one of the larger screens (10 inch I think) and they squeezed in a full laptop keyboard! It only weighs a couple of pounds, but it can do everything a full sized laptop can do. Bring on the classes!

This link shows you the specs and the price we would have paid for it at the store. It also seems to have very good reviews. I can't believe our luck! I whispered a very heartfelt prayer of thanks for this treasure!

Now go over and see everyone else's treasures that they are showing and telling this week!


Kristin said...

Oh man did you ever score on that! Wow! I think I have a major case of computer envy. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What a find! I love Goodwill too :). I usually buy books and kitchenware when I go in.

Photogrl said...

Great find!

I've never seen a computer at was meant for you!

Emmy said...

What a great deal! I'm glad that it all worked out!

Beautiful Mess said...

Nice score! I love that store! Enjoy your pretty new laptop and good luck in school!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Wow! I am so envious! That is exactly what I want! Who knew you could find stuff like that at Goodwill!