Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've been up to something...

And it's a secret!
For now anyway.

Actually, I have been up to a lot of somethings lately, but the most important one for you all is in the works. I need some help though. I need a masthead. I made the header I currently have up, but this one needs to be different. I should be able to track down someone and pay them to make one for me, but Hubby and I are in a bit of a financial pickle right now and there's no way I could do that. If anyone has any ideas, please, please let me know.

Ok, service announcement over, here's the other somethings....

I've become quite the avid gardener lately. My dad made me a box to plant a tomato plant or two in, but I ended up with 9 pepper plants and two tomato plants. I was worried about the amount of sunlight we got up on the balcony and the size of my box, but so far things are growing beautifully. I have a pepper plant called a rainbow pepper. It will grow bell peppers of all colors at the same time! I can't wait for them to start coming in! Also, the tiny green sprouts you see are flowers. I had some seeds left over from a church project and I decided to sprinkle them in the bare spots to see what happened.

The majority of my days have been spent pouring over a blank screen for hours on end. I finally worked past my block and with the new found freedom in my mobile computer friend, my creative juices are flowing again (thank goodness!). I love having the time during the summer to write for hours on end!

When I am not outside admiring my green beauties or whittling my fingers down to nubs on the keyboard, I am on the phone arguing with various personnel about financial aid and course requirements. The school I am attending is smaller than the one I went to in SC and their nonchalance over my academic future is more than a little infuriating. I called this afternoon for the third time about a page they say I am missing and the lady on the other end of the line told me that it was probably just nothing that it takes a few days for them to get it all together. Well that would be perfectly fine if someone hadn't put a note into my file online telling me that a paper was missing. Grr. I guess I will try again tomorrow.

So anyhoo, How's your summer? I want to hear all the juicy stories! Spill it!


Kristin said...

Life has been busy and crazy. I've been schlepping kids across the state for camp and going to the pool a lot. My hubby has to have surgery for his carpal tunnel syndrome tomorrow. My garden which started so wonderfully is languishing due to the damned bunnies that are eating everything. Think I need a fence around it next year. I've also been reading, crafting, and designing a lot.

What sort of header are you looking for? I might be able to help. I made the one on my site.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are changing your banner and have some news, then.... congrats, I hope? :)

I usually make my headers from a photo I've taken, but good luck!

- Molly

The Lynchs said...

Oooh! I want a rainbow pepper plant! We started a garden this year, and I am much more attached than I anticipated I would be. It's fun to watch the little guys grow up! :)