Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Late Night Visit

I usually let the pups go out one last time before Hubby and I retire for bed. We are night owls, especially during the summer, and it is usually well past midnight when we decide to pack it in. The pups are very well behaved and well trained so we don't have any qualms about letting them go out unleashed for this late night romp.

Last night, I drew the short straw and stood guard outside on the balcony while they took care of business. I caught something out of the corner of my eye and thought it was one of the dogs coming around the corner of the building. I turned to see a bushy tail slink past the lamplight. It wasn't one of the pups.
The critter walked up to the sidewalk just underneath our balcony and sprawled out in front of me. It was very relaxed and just sat there staring up at me. I thought at first it was a cat, but as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I realized it was a small gray fox.

I stood there, unable to move. We just stared at each other, soaking in the presence of one another. I realized that this would be a moment I would never forget and didn't dare break the magic despite my overwhelming desire to reach for the camera inside.

He stood several minutes later and walked over to a tree in the middle of our yard. He turned and stared for a minute or two more before sauntering off back into the wooded underbrush at the edge of the property.

I immediately thought about the pups and called for them to come back in. I worried that they would spook the fox and someone would cause a ruckus, but they came bounding up the stairs oblivious to our visitor.

Tonight, I will be more cautious about letting the pups out to wander free, but i will also have my eyes peeled for a chance to see my new friend again. I wish I had been able to snap a picture of him for you to see, but I'm sure that would have spooked him and I would never see him again. Now that I know he is around, I will make a point to be more aware when I am outside. Maybe, just maybe, I can snap a shot of him next time.

This is a picture of what he looked like. When he sprawled out lazily on the sidewalk, he just happened to lay in the pool of light thrown down by our security lights. His markings were beautiful and I could just make out the slight hints of red and white highlighting his fur.

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Kristin said...

What an incredibly cool moment!

Anonymous said...

Oh, amazing! Foxes are so beautiful... We get a lot of deer in our neighborhood.

I wandered over here from Stirrup Queens' blogroll, have PCOS myself, and just wanted to say good luck!

- Molly