Friday, July 3, 2009

So That's What We've Been Doing Wrong!

Sunday morning I crawled out of bed and braced myself for the tireless antics of the three year olds I keep at church. I usually watch them during the main service and then cross the hall to help the lady in the baby nursery during Sunday School.

When Sunday School was over, one of my very precocious three year olds popped in with his mom to pick up his 12 week old baby brother. I jokingly told him that I had decided to take "little brother" home with me. He responded with a very protective "No." I laughed and teased him a bit more. He told me in no uncertain terms that "little brother" was his and lived at his house.

He turned towards his mom, but stopped halfway between the two of us, turned back around to face me, and said, "You should get you a little brother."

Intrigued and a glutton for punishment, I couldn't resist, "Oh really?"

"Uh-huh. You just go to de zoo, and you get one."

I couldn't say a word without bursting into a million giggles. I managed to muster a weak, "The zoo huh?"

By this time everyone in the room had stopped and was watching him. He was very serious and sure of his answer though. He pointed to the Noah's ark wallpaper we have up in the nursery and said, "See dem diraffes and de elephants, you got to go der where dey are and dat's where babies come from. Dat is where we got little brother."

I thanked him very politely for his wealth of information and assured him that I would try my very best to arrange a trip to the zoo in the near future.

Ladies, we finally have the answer! We've been doing it right, just in the wrong places apparently. Grab your husbands and head to the nearest zoo! I'll meet ya there!


Kristin said...

OMG...too cute. I love the things little kids come up with!

Pundelina said...

Well, gosh darn now I need to get me and the Big Guy to the zoo. Tell that 3yr old thanks for the tip! Do you think that it'll count if we do it in the carpark outside the zoo?


Rambler said...

Adorable! I must have missed that lesson in high school. :)