Thursday, July 11, 2013


I'm sorry it's been a couple of days. I have so many wonderful things I have wanted to share. I have learned a valuable lesson to pass along to future mommy hopefuls out there. Are you ready? Pay very close attention...

**Never ever clean up your computer cookies, history, etc, while pregnant brain is in full swing!

I did a clean up on my comp a few days ago which resulted in clearing the auto-fill for everything. That's normally not a big deal for me. I just go in, re-type them, click remember, and resume life. I don't know if it was true prego brain or just an overwhelming obsession with my belly, but I could not remember email addresses or passwords to anything, including my blog. It's all better now though, a rare moment of clarity and a lot of guessing helped me unlock the door and we're all set.

So, onto the goodness!

Monday I went to the doctor. It was supposed to be a simple appointment. We were going to hear the heartbeat, chat for a bit, and head to breakfast. Both of us were so nervous though. Hubs had even announced the night before that he wasn't going to go with me. He said he was too afraid of bad news. I  pointed out that if he didn't go I would have to face it alone and he quickly decided we should both go.

Everything turned out just fine. After a bit of searching and prodding, the doc found little sea monkey and the heart rate was 158. I'm telling ya, there is nothing more beautiful right now than that sound. Hubs' eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas and we left grinning from ear to ear. Everything seems perfectly fine. Doc told me to get ready for some aches and pains as I started to grow and we headed to a much needed breakfast. No one even said anything about my weight gain which I was surprised at!

Tuesday marked a huge milestone. Tuesday we hit 14 weeks which officially means I'm in the second trimester! Apparently sea monkey wanted to celebrate the day with a bang, because suddenly at some point during the day my belly popped out and hasn't popped back in. I have been showing a little for a couple of weeks, but now it really looks and feels like a pregnant belly, which I adore.

I've also started feeling real flutters from time to time. Now before any flags start waving and people start getting all upset about this, I don't care what the books or the doctors say. I've been feeling a tiny little flutter for a couple of weeks now. It was very sporadic and would only last a second or two. It only happened when I was really still and quiet, and didn't happen very often, but regardless of the true origin, it made me feel immensely better and I went with it.

This week, those tiny moments have turned into what feels like full on acrobatics sometimes. I can be sitting at my computer or even walking and suddenly I'll feel it. Yesterday morning I stayed in bed for almost an hour giggling. If it stopped, I could turn over or change position and there it would be again and there is no doubt as to what it is now. It has caused me to fall hopelessly in love with this little person (As if I weren't already)!

I also seem to have finally found that feel good spot. I do still need to nap from time to time, and if I let myself get too hungry, hot, or tired, I will get nauseous or start to feel bad, but for the most part I feel wonderful. I cry even more than before, but it's simply because I'm so happy all the time. Hubs laughs at me because he can just hug me sometimes and start the waterworks.

It doesn't matter to me. I have waited my entire marriage for this. We both have. We have lived the pain and agony of disappointment for ten very long years. We have been stashing up our joy and love for all of those years and I plan to make the most out of every smile!


Laura said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! How wonderful. Thought I'd share that I felt movement with my first at 15weeks. Kept it to myself though, lest people think I was crazy. Again, congrats!

Michelle said...

I felt regular movement since right around 14 weeks with this one. I swear there were flutters before, but people tried to convince me otherwise. I'm almost 21 weeks now and I got so use to it, that when she turned recently, I panicked over the lessened movement. I'm so glad you're able to experience it. All very good signs!! Congrats again. I love reading your updates! :)