Friday, July 26, 2013

Embarrassing Confessions

This week, for whatever reason I have felt miserable. I haven't really gotten out of bed very much all week except to cook something for hubs to take to work and clean up the kitchen. Between the nausea, the bathroom trips, the constant naps, and the teenager skin, I feel like I'm right back in the first trimester all over again.

I haven't really fought against it too much. If the first trimester taught me anything, it was that fighting against that mind-numbing fatigue would only bring on more fatigue and frustration, so I napped.... and napped..... and peed.... and napped. I put on some of my mid weight loss clothes, basically big comfy pj bottoms and oversized t-shirts, and proceeded to grow roots on the couch.

Last night around two in the morning a very sudden and urgent need for pizza came over me. I was ravenous and it could only be pizza. I went to plead my case with hubs and he just laughed at me. He found the whole thing hilarious. He finally told me that if I wanted pizza so badly, he would call in a pizza at this 24/7 convenience store we have in town that happens to make pizzas. I just had to go pick it up. He called. They were out of pizza crusts. I was devastated! Again he laughed at me.

He told me if I wanted pizza that badly, I should just go pick up some pizzas at the grocery store and cook them at home. I was desperate and he was offering me money, so I agreed.

I refuse to go to the store in my pjs, ever, so for the first time since church on Sunday, I donned some real clothes. I got ready quickly and went to the office to get the keys from hubs. He turned around, in his chair, just above eye level with my belly. His eyes got really wide, he put a hand on my belly, and said "Where did that come from!?!?"

I looked down and just giggled. Apparently, sea monkey has been going through a growth spurt all week. Perhaps that is why I have felt so tired? My belly has grown! I already had a bump, but this was just funny!  I'm going to have to start wearing real clothes more often.

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