Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow and Tell

The most amazing thing happened this week! It snowed! I can't believe it! The last time it snowed here in December was my senior year of high school. Even then, it waited until the 30th to fall. I have never seen snow so beautiful and huge in my life! My mother remembers one year when she was in college that the snow came down like it did on Thursday night. I was in awe. We didn't have flakes of snow. They were chunks. At one point a fat one smacked me on the cheek and it covered my entire cheek! It was amazing and wonderful.

The day was not all flakes and snowballs though. That afternoon my mother had come to me around one o'clock telling me that Dad had fallen and she was headed to the hospital. I turned into a mess. I scrambled to get Mom's classroom ready for the next day and called Hubby to come pick me up early from school.
Once home, I spent a lot of time on the phone calling my siblings and my grandparents to let them know about Dad. The ice started about 4, but my grandmother assured me it would only last an hour.

Mom and I were planning on going to a special friends and family sale and we worked feverishly to get my dad sewed up, settled at home, and make it to the sale in time. By the time Mom picked me up the flakes were falling hard and were huge! The ground was white and I had decided that maybe my cro.cs had been a bad judgement call despite the clomid induced fire living in my feet.

We finally got dad situated and piled into the car. Moments after leaving the city limits, my mother decided perhaps it would be best to turn back. In her words "For 50% I would keep going, but for 35%, I think we'll stay home!" You could no longer see the road. It was so bizarre for our town to get anything like that! Especially with no true forecast of snow!

Mom went to get us all dinner and headed for my house. Hubby had called to say he was home and warned us that it was bad. I told him we had just driven the same route minutes ago and we would be ok. I should have listened! It was icky! Roads that were clear only ten minutes before, were now solid white with a glistening layer of ice underneath. About halfway to my house I decided there was no way my mom could get up the hill into our complex. I called Hubby to bring me down a better pair of shoes and stuffed our dinner in my backpack. Mom dropped me off at the foot of the hill and finally managed to turn around and crawl to their house. I met Hubby halfway up the hill and switched my cro.cs for a pair of his tennis shoes. We trekked onward to the house.

About nine o'clock it finally stopped snowing and we were left with about three inches of snow and ice. For some of you northern folks that doesn't sound like much, but for us, here in December, that's insane! It was so beautiful though. School was closed on Friday and Hubby and I stayed up late. I alternated between watching movies with him and slipping outside to enjoy the still, cold, peace of the night.
The next morning, while most of the town slept, I crept out to capture a few pics before the snow melted...

The view from our balcony overlooking the town.

The driveway through the complex. It looked like this until about four that afternoon!

My favorite pic. I love my camera! The snow was a perfect, heaven sent addition to my Christmas present!

Show and Tell


Cassandra said...

I used to think that snow was so fun and novel -- until I moved to places with long harsh winters!

As we were leaving town because of the ice storm yesterday, we were marvelling at all of the beautiful ice-encased trees while simultaneously dodging the falling icicles. Strange juxtaposition.

Kristin said...

Beautiful pics. Glad you and your mom avoided any big problems on the road and I hope your dad heals quickly.

Lindsay said...

Lovely pics! I love it when snow surprises you (as long as it's safe!). We don't get much snow here in Vancouver, but as I type it's softly falling. That's twice this week!

Another Dreamer said...

What beautiful pictures. Glad you all kept safe with the ice.

I'm the opposite of you, lol. I wish the snow and ice would just stay away. We get a blizzard almost every winter these days. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful... but it's so dangerous.

'Murgdan' said...

Very pretty...I love SNOW! (I'm far enough down south that I can say that--because it happens so rarely it never gets in the way).

Sam said...

gosh wow. Snow can be lovely and pretty and fun to play with, but boy - it can be dangerous too!

Cara said...

Isn't it amazing how gorgeous mother nature can be and yet devetate things like...having power - for three, four, or maybe even five days for some!!

I took some photos too. Stunning time of year if you can stay off the road.

Malky B. said...

I love the last picture. We haven't had any real snow in NY yet. I'm sure it's coming one of these days.

battynurse said...

What beautiful pictures. I always really liked the first snowfall. It was all the subsequent ones that just about drove me out of my mind. Hope your dad is doing ok.

WiseGuy said...

Well the last pic has indeed turned out well. Hope you all do well!