Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sorry about the confusion.

Here's the address:

Marshall Elementary School
c/o Friends of Gingerbread Boy
401 Tiger Blvd
Lewisburg, TN 37091

Just to keep you all in the loop with our story...

We baked Gingerbread Boy today. On our way back from lunch, we all went into the teachers' lounge to see if he was done and you would never believe what we found! The door on the oven was cracked open a bit and that Gingerbread Boy was gone!

This totally flipped the kids out. It was hilarious to hear what they thought had happened to him. One child even got religion on our side!

One little boy had brought his older brother's little Gideon Bible to school. It was a huge distraction this morning and I made him put it in his backpack. He was so distraught with the missing Gingerbread Boy that he had gone and gotten his Bible out right after lunch. When I walked in the room and asked the class if they had heard the news, the entire class erupted into exclamation of disbelief and excitement as to his whereabouts.

This little boy comes up to me with a very solemn expression on his face and the most adorable speech delay you have ever heard and said, "Mrs. Arian, Wook." He flipped through some pages in his Bible. He said "De onwy way we will eber find dat gingerbread boy is wif God." It was so sweet. We are in a public school and I have to watch my p's and q's about that stuff so I just patted him on the back and said "You keep looking for him."

Some of the older and more street wise of our bunch have really played it out much like they would to a younger sibling. I cannot wait to see the shock on their faces when we begin receiving postcards from him in different places and start reading about sightings all over the world!

This is one of my favorite kindergarten projects and I am sending much love and thanks to everyone that helps us with it!!!! I am going to try to keep you all posted on some of the fun sightings we get in (privacy respected) and let you know how the kids react. They are an endless source of hilarious stories this year!

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Sassy said...

I'm sending one from Melbourne, Australia and my husband will send one too when he flys to Sydney tomorrow.