Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miss Frizzle's Fun Friday!

I am sick of February. I hate the cold dreary winter days and I feel like I won't make it through to March. February is the shortest month on our calendar, but I swear it is the longest one all year for me. I need green grass and sunny days to be happy. February offers me none of it. In fact it seems to taunt me with its cutesy little naked cupids and gaudy hearts. Ick! I hate February!

Anyway, hopefully I can help you break up the dreary gloom for a day....
Keep reading beyond the pics! You won't be sorry!

First on the list: One of my projects. I finished this for one of our teachers. His wife is due some time in March. They are the same couple that lost their baby at eleven weeks last spring. Within a month or two they were pregnant again. I will save those feelings for a later post though.

Anyhoo, this is now in the etsy.

I also made this blanket. It is pretty on its own, but I added the most adorable ribbon around the edges and I think it is quite nearly one of my favorites! I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it with the ribbon but perhaps I can get the recipient to send me a copy of the pic from the shower.

Ok, Last but not least...

We have been studying space this week. We created the coolest "moon walk" ever for the kids to enjoy and hyped it up big time last week. We walled in an air mattress and lined the inside with black paper. Then we stuck glow in the dark stars all over the walls. The kids went in two at a time to "walk on the moon."

One of my mom's little boys has been out of school since before Christmas break. The story is a bit bizarre and complicated, but made us quickly realize that there is something a bit off color about this family. Just last week he came back to school but he and his family have had a difficult time adjusting to a routine again.

His dad brought him in an hour and a half late this morning. As he was signing the little boy in he looked up worriedly at our secretary and said "He hasn't missed the field trip today has he?"

Secretary looks up puzzled, "Field trip? I don't think the kindergarteners were going on a field trip today."

The dad matched her puzzled look and replied, "Hmm, no, I'm sure they were going on a trip today."

Secretary asks, "Well where were they supposed to go?"

The dad looks at her very seriously. "Well they were supposed to be going to the moon today."

The secretary chuckled and explained about our moon walk but the dad shook his head and walked out the door unconvinced.

I swear I am not making this up. The guy thought we were getting on a rocket ship for the moon today!


Kristin said...

That hat is amazing. I love the blanket. But, the story of the "trip to the moon" was the absolute best!

alicia said...

ohh amazing hat and blanket!!

wow that poor dad must be under some serious stress if he thought you were going to the moon today!! awesome idea by the way, the moon walk, lvoe it!

Michelle said...

Beautiful hat and blanket.

OMG! Really the moon? If you go sometime let me know I will help chaperone I would love to go. :)

eden said...

Omg, seriously!!! That is crazy about the moon guy, wow.

I love your blankie, and the "baby" you showed a few post back - you're so clever! I can't even sew a button on. Truly, not one button.

Thank you so much, Arian, for your kind and generous comments. I really appreciate them. xox