Sunday, February 1, 2009


My fingers were cramping something fierce, so I finally gave in and took a break. I figured I could pop in and put up a fun show and tell while I was at it.

This is Otis. He is a baby Screech Owl that I had the pleasure of meeting on a field trip we took with the kids this week. I have tons of pictures and fun stuff from the trip to show you but it will have to wait another day or so.

Why? Well, I had two baby afghans to crochet this week and I really want to crochet a little hat and sweater to go with one of them. I'm scrambling a bit, but hopefully I can get it all done by (Gasp!) Tuesday! Here's a picture of one of the blankets. The other one is a bit larger with the same v-stitch pattern. I used the green in the border of this one and I have a pretty pink and green ribbon to weave into the border of it.

Go check out what everyone else is showing this week!
Show and Tell


Cassandra said...

Wow, you work fast! The blanket that I posted for Show and Tell a couple of weeks ago took me months and months to knit. Though I guess crochet is usually faster than knitting anyway.

Otis is a cutie! Hope he didn't screech and scare the kids.

Michelle said...

Very nice!!!! Wish I knew how to do that.

JamieD said...

The blanket is beautiful!

I love the pic of the owl - thanks for sharing!

Beautiful Mess said...

Otis is so cute! I bet the kids had a blast. I love those two colors together. I hope you're going to post pictures of the sweater and hat, as well. I'd love to see them! Thanks for sharing.

Photogrl said...

The blanket is very pretty.

I wish I could do that.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

You're so talented! Can't wait to see pics of the other items when you're done. And I love Otis! Owls are so amazing.

WiseGuy said...

You are so talented! Lindsay stole my first line [:(]. I am hopeful that you will be able to meet the deadline. All the very best!

alicia said...

ohh i love owls!! and that is an awesome blanket! so impressed!