Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Limbo

My hand is getting better. I can finally type two handed again which makes blogging seem like a luxury after the few one handed posts I managed to squeak out. The week has been very weird and surreal. I haven't had much of a chance to just sit and type or talk out my feelings and frustrations. I feel like a diet soda just begging for a!

My mom was told yesterday that after 31 years of teaching kindergarten, she is being moved to fourth grade. She's handling things like a trooper. I've been squalling my eyeballs out. She has actually gotten excited about it I think. I put on my "Yay! Fourth grade!" face in front of her. I truly think she will get in there and find out how much fun she can have with them and she will love it.

Still, she has been teaching in her current classroom for as long as I can remember. That is where I took my kindergarten naps. It is the room I walked into every single day as a child after school. I did my homework there. I got busted for drinking on a band trip, I cried over break ups, I told her I was getting married, all in that room. We spent many a late night up there working on projects and plans. It is like a second home. My mom raised all three of her babies in that room.

It isn't so much that she is going to teach a new grade. It just feels like she is being evicted from her own life story that upsets me. We will sort through all of her things this summer and move her two halls over to someone else's room with their history and lives embedded into the walls. I love our new principal sometimes, but I don't get why you would move someone that only had a few years left till retirement anyway. It's rather silly.

She isn't the only one being moved either. I think our new principal wants a clean slate and a new staff. She turned the entire staff upside down like a huge tossed salad. Only one teacher per grade stayed in their current grade. She was trying to break up the buddy groups and to a degree I can understand. Still, what a mess!

That isn't the only thing that has got me all worked up this week. There's the upcoming kindergarten graduation and the end of our women's Bible study. My sister graduated college last week, and I am embarking on a new college path myself. We aren't trying actively right now, but I can't put away the "hmmm now how close to ovulation is that plan..." mindset every time I schedule something. We aren't preventing. My husband actually laughed at me when I suggested that. Summer is about to start and I have been desperately trying to find a summer job to keep me occupied and to stash back some cash. I would love to blog this summer or work at home on something, but so far I haven't gotten any brilliant ideas. It's frustrating.

Hopefully, the loose ends will tie themselves as I finish off one of the greatest school years I've ever been a part of. There will be many, many tears this year as a great team of teachers part ways and explore new adventures. Part of me wants to hang on to every moment of the next week. The other part wants to close my eyes and hide until the ride is finally over.


Kristin said...

Wow...that's a lot of change coming up. I hope it all goes smoothly and turns out to be a wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

What changes! I can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to a room with so many memories - almost like saying goodbye to the house you grew up in. I'm praying it all goes smoothly though.

On a side note-sorry I've been MIA for a bit. I'm just now catching up. I have a family blog now, too, so if you happen to get a comment from "The Lynchs", then that is me too :)