Thursday, May 21, 2009


I know I've been a bit sparse with the posting lately. I was truly hoping that things would fall into place and life could continue. I forgot to factor in Murphy's ever-present shadow in my world and of course nothing has worked out the way I hoped.

Two weeks ago Hubby's video card took a dump. It certainly isn't the first time that Hubby has caused a video card to pack its overworked bags and run for the nearest scrap pile. He loves to game and I love that we have a yearly budget set aside for gaming related casualties. Thankfully, this one happened to crap out thanks to a manufacturing glitch and they are replacing it with an upgraded card. So, what's the problem?

Well, Hubby happens to be the most impatient human being on the planet and cannot function without his computer. It was decided that my computer should take a little carpet ride into the living room and hang out at his spacious computer mansion. It should have only affected one post or maybe two a week. Wrong!

The overwhelming move to such a spacious and luxurious new abode distracted my poor computer and compromised her immune system drastically. She was caught off guard by a new and very aggressive virus that threatened to leap through the monitor and set new fire to my shingles.

Normally, we would just throw everything onto Hubby's comp and start fresh. This time, that wasn't an option. We started slapping pictures onto every available storage media we could scratch up. It was a frantic nightmarish experience that took place during one of the most labor intensive kindergarten graduations I have ever seen!

We thought we were successful and last night I sat in Hubby's chair with a contented sigh and began playing around with my freshly cleaned comp. Something happened during the updates and it didn't work out so well. I went another torturous night without my precious computer. I was ready to cry.

Finally, I sat before my sweet comp this afternoon and grinned from ear to ear as I tested out Hubby's handiwork. We moved all my things back onto my comp and Hubby went to bed. Ironically, the shipping info for Hubby's video card came through today and we should expect his new card early next week.

I wouldn't post this heart-wrenching story for you normally, but in the midst of saving my stuff, Hubby saved the wrong set of Favorites. I lost all my links to many of my favorite sites. I felt the tears well up and turned quickly to my friends inside the internet. I needed to share my pain with someone that could understand.

Blogging should be back to normal now. I'm afraid I may not be the very best clicker ever for a while though, and I may not have a chance to check in on all of my blogging peeps, until I can dig up everyone's place again.


Thanks Murphy! You always keep life interesting!


Kristin said...

Oh man...I've had a computer disaster like that before. Everything that was produce by Microsoft was destroyed...ugh. Glad your precious computer is back up and running.

VA Blondie said...

Oh, what a mess! It sounds horrible. My Hubby used to have a lot of problams with his PC, too. I think that is why he finally decided to switch to Mac. I have had Macs for years, and never had any issues. Now he does his gaming on his Xbox, and if he has any PC games, he has a parallel windows program on his Mac. (I have not seen him use it much, though.)

Glad to hear the computer issues are solved, and things are (somewhat) back to normal.

Photogrl said...

Computer problems are the WORST!

Glad to see you back.

alicia said...

oh no!!! i am sorry. technology has its downfalls hey!

Lucy said...

When it rains it pours! Why can't just one computer break at a time! :)