Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother Nature please check your calendar!

Dear Mother Nature,

It seems to me that you have perhaps caught the pig flu and called out of work the past week leaving your little workers to run amuck and create this insane chaos down here! If that isn't the case... Check your calendar!

It is May! April showers are over with! Even if there were a few days left in April, I don't think dumping a month's worth of rain in three days is a wise executive decision. Planting season is upon us and I know I'm not the only one keeping my little tomato plants under shelter until this insanity passes through!

**** As an aside, you guys are awesome! It has taken a ridiculous amount of time to type this out. The pain in my hand is unbearable and I will be kind and spare you all the ickiness of an updated and much worse picture! I can't straighten my arm now b/c of the swelling. I do believe I will be squeezing in a doc's appt tomorrow!

Thanks for your kind words and your support even in non IF related issues. I would be so lost without you all!


P.S. Oh yeah and Mother Nature, I'm still holding out hope for that zoo field trip tomorrow, bum arm and all! I pray you will take prompt action in finding a place for all these flood waters between now and eight o'clock tomorrow morning! May I suggest that you begin by shutting off the rain dump valve?


Kristin said...

If the swelling is so bad, you definitely need to go in. Hope this doc can actually help.

alicia said...

sorry about your hand ouch!!! hope the weather improves soon!