Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where's the wildlife? Too cute Tuesday ( the late edition)

So, as I mentioned, yesterday we piled up 80 kindergarteners on a bus and drove over an hour away to provide them with priceless memories and experiences with the world's wildlife. We saw tigers, giraffes, elephants, birds, etc. They were excited enough to see all these cool critters, but the highlight of their day?
This was the part of the day where we as teachers were supposed to sigh satisfactorily over a job well done. Hours of planning, phone calls, reservations, parents, money woes, prayers for the rain to give way - it would all be clear after this moment that our pains had been worth every second.

It wasn't exactly the smug sigh we normally have.

Can you spot the wildlife?

Maybe this will help....

Yep. This was the star of the zoo. A worm - to which they excitedly exclaimed, "It's alive Mrs. Arian! It's really alive!"

"Yes, that one is alive, kids because we all know how today's zoos love to sneak cuddly deceased critters into their exhibits."


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Arian, that is SO CUTE!!

I love how you love your kindy class's quirks. XOX