Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Puppy Showdown

Ok as promised (even though a day late) - a story about Parker.


Now that I am back to school, I stand outside each morning and wait on my mom to pick me up. I live right by the school and last year hubby had the car at work in the mornings so mom would just swing by and we would ride together. I truly don't need her to this year, but I enjoy it so she still comes by.

Anyhow, as I am waiting I am usually befriended by one of the five or six kitties that wander around our building. A few days ago this gorgeous orange medium haired, declawed, tabby comes up to me begging for some love. I played with him for a bit and sent him on his way. He started hanging around and I would meet him every morning at the foot of the stairs.

One morning I took Parker out before I left for work and the tabby comes up to the bottom step not noticing Parker sitting there. Parker lunged through the railing at the kitty and barked at him. The kitty, in all of his cat-titude flipped tail and sauntered off. I didn't see him for a day or so after that. With that being said....

Hubby came home one morning last week and as a sweet gesture took the pups out for me (Between the lines... we argued the night before about his lack of chore assistance and he was now kissing tush to get back on his side of the bed....). I stayed in bed praying that all time would stop for two more hours so that I could catch up on some much needed sleep (It didn't.). All of a sudden Parker comes running in the house and curls up under the blanket with me shaking. This apparently did not suit him so he hopped down and crawled into his crate and curled up under his blanket in there.

Hubby comes into the house laughing and calling for Parker. Parker would not budge. He was not coming out of his crate for anyone or any reason! Hubby was laughing so hard he couldn't tell me what was going on. I felt sorry for my baby but he wouldn't come out.

Finally, hubby held back his chuckles long enough to fill me in.

Parker had just hiked his leg to do his thing when all of a sudden out of a bush comes this orange flash. The orange tabby had been hiding in a bush and had now clobbered all six pounds of Parker. There was much paw whacking and growling and of course from our Parker, howling. It scared the behoovits out of him and hubby feeling a pang of compassion, released him from his leash and let him turn tail and run.

Poor thing. He got his butt kicked by a cat. Did you notice me saying earlier that he was declawed?!?! We finally coaxed him out but he was really clingy all day and refused to go back outsided that day. I haven't seen tabby since, but I am certain he is hiding somewhere plotting attack on his next victim!

This is how he was the rest of the day....


Cassandra said...

Poor Parker! I bet he will think twice about barking at any other cats. Sounds like the tabby's mission has been accomplished.

AnotherDreamer said...

Poor Parker, but way to go Tabby!
Revenge, I'd say. Cute story!

Kristin said...

What a funny story...but, poor Parker.

Martha said...

Tough cat, adorable dog, and cute story. Hope Parker is okay, thanks for sharing.