Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Can I Say?

This week is absolutely exhausting!

I'm so sorry I have been absent. I have been spending so much energy trying to get through a day with all of the new kids I have to learn. I have four classes with twenty kids in each room and then I have a lunch group and a bus group. Going to sleep now consists of a flood of names and faces flashing up on my eyelids as I try desperately to hum them away.

What do I have to tell you about this week?

I could tell you how I broke a child's heart this week and gave myself the award for "The most insensitive human being on the face of the earth." I promise it wasn't intentional.

In kindergarten we stagger the kids in for the first two weeks. We usually have four or five a day just to get them used to things and allow us to see where they are in terms of readiness. This little girl showed up on Tuesday and it wasn't her day to be there. My friend Betty, the teacher looked and said "Well honey, did you just want to come an extra day? You didn't have to come today." The little girl froze and almost cried.

I went to find her older sister and figure out how she would go home that afternoon. Her sister's teacher gave me an fyi that their grandmother had passed away that morning. Explained why she was there. I would do the same thing if I were a mom. Here's the crappy "Arian should be fried on a skewer" part.

I walk back in and call the little girl up. I say "Sweetie, did...did your grandmother die this morning?" She proceeded of course to burst into tears and I hugged her and told her that it would be ok and that maybe she would feel better if she went and played for a while.

I totally panicked! I meant to say "Did something happen to grandma" but I was thinking in my mind about expecting her answer to be that she died and it all got away from me. Then I freaked out for making her cry and just tried to hug her and move on. UGH! Later on she told us she was so mad at grandma for leaving her and that she did not want to be at school. I felt so bad. We got her through the day though and she became my very best bud all day.

*** I could tell you how that same day they moved my grandfather to the nursing home. They have to move him there until he can get up and go to the bathroom and a few things by himself. One doctor said roughly 8-12 weeks. Another said 2-3. Who knows.

When they moved him, they told us at 3 o'clock that he was in route. He didn't get there until almost 9 pm! My grandfather was so tired. I was pretty angry about that.

I got to see him yesterday and we were able to have a bit of fun for a while. He just looks so tired and fragile. It scares me. He fell asleep while we were laughing at my grandmother's incessant need to go to I'm going to wait a couple of days before I visit again. He needs to rest and build his strength up a bit.

*** I could also tell you about the hilarious pickle our Parker found himself in yesterday. I'll save that one for tomorrow though. It is rather funny.

I've been working on a blanket for Grandad. I started out with socks but umm.... grrr! They were a pain in the tush! I need to wait till I get some smaller more socky yarn for them. I figured in the meantime, why worry about cold feet when I could warm his whole lap and his feet at the same time? That is one reason why I am so lazy with my blogging right now. I've been pushing to get it done so that it will help him feel at home in the nursing home. I know my grandad and despite what he says, being there is unbelievably hard for him. Right now he's too tired to care much, but in a few days, I fear what it will do for his spirits being there.

Sorry for such a jumpy post. Just thought I'd check in before surrendering my hands to the yarn again! Come back tomorrow for a funny pup story and pics!

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alicia said...

awe poor little girl! I am sorry your grandpa is having a hard time right now, that blanket will definatly cheer him up!