Saturday, July 26, 2008

A hug of thanks

I don't know what I would do without all of you here. The thoughts and kind words have helped tremendously and I feel completely blessed to have you all as friends! Thank you so much.

Aunt Flo is taking her sweet time knocking on the door I guess. It irks me to sit here waiting when I know the outcome. Darn my lack of patience! It would be nice for her to come on in and make herself comfy so that we could get started on another round. I'm hoping the doc will up my dose this time.

I've had lots of things to keep me occupied the past few days. I'm almost halfway done with the blanket! I chose this one because it works up so fast. I'll show pics tomorrow. I've also been tossing around ideas about speaking at our local high school to the girls there. School starts in a week or so! There is a lot of planning and cleaning going on in my mom's room!

I've also been thinking a lot about my digs here. I'm working on sprucing them up a bit and possibly in the future adding an etsy shop for some of the things I make. I haven't decided completely on that but I would like your input. You all are the ones that come here to read and hang out so your opinion is a huge factor. I am looking forward to some of the new ideas though and I am excited about them!


The Art of Baby Making said...

Thanks for the warm welcomes back. It really touched my heart and I appreciate it dearly. Your previous post really touched me and every single sentence that you wrote really hit home. You bring up everything that I always wondered. Its nice to know that you are not alone in this battle. I pray that God will soon bless you and your family with a BFP! I just don't know why great families like we have, have to wait for our blessings. Yet, someone who is clearly not ready for a baby, jumps in line in front of us. It's frustrating, but please never give up! Thanks again!

Mrs Woggie said...

Agh, I hate it went Aunt Flo is there but not there. Best wishes for your next cycle. (Here from ICLW)

Just Me. said...

Thanks for visiting me.

I am doing the baby dance for you for your next cycle.