Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Someone heard my plea!

Whew! I'm pooped! We had a fantastic couple of days but I am worn out! This won't be the most meaningful or eloquent post, but lots of neat things happened that I was excited to share...

Monday was pretty ho hum. We both scrubbed and grocery shopped. We finally crashed around midnight. Hubby's parents had originally planned to be at our house much earlier, but they had some unexpected setbacks. No biggie. They were supposed to call when they were close so I could make sure hubby was awake when they got in. They knocked on the door at six a.m.! It was so much fun to see hubby's dead asleep face when his parents walked in! We were all exhausted so we crashed for two or three hours and then set out to have some fun.

We spent most of the day in the city prowling around and chit chatting. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to see hubby hanging out with his mom and dad! He has missed them so much lately! He got to spend some one on one time with his dad and we all talked ourselves to sleep by eleven o'clock. Hubby and I didn't sleep much last night and finally got up early this morning to fix breakfast. His mom and dad ate and then got ready to head out. It was a short trip, but it did hubby a world of good! It was wonderful to see them again. We both miss them a lot so any time we get to spend with them is usually pretty great.

Two really cool things happened yesterday too! I saw a baby ladybug! It was crawling on the railing of our balcony between hubby and me! I meant to get a pic but I forgot. Sorry. We also saw a rainbow yesterday! Hubby's mom and dad didn't quite get how awesome that was but hubby did! It wasn't a huge bright one but it was still there and gorgeous! Hope is really bringing out all the stops this time eh?

Once his parents left I expected there to be some arguing or a big let down like usual. This time we were both so tired that neither had the energy. We sat down to a movie and I fell asleep in hubby's lap. At one point I woke up and there were huge thunderclaps outside. It made our afternoon nap even more relaxing and fabulous! Then the power went out. Only for a little while though and it gave us a chance to go out and enjoy the storm. After the lights came back on we came back in and I fixed us some lunch. It seems boring I guess but honestly it is so relaxing!

The only downside to the entire week so far has been that Zina got sick. She has a little doggy virus of some sort complete with a fever and everything. We are going to take her to the vet tomorrow morning if she isn't better. So far she seems to be feeling a bit better. Last night she was pretty sick.

Sorry for such a disjointed post today. My hormones are in full swing at the moment and my brain doesn't want to function right. At least the hot flashes have stopped though!


My_Herstory said...

It all sounds like it was relaxing!
Hope your fur baby is doing better!
Hormones!?! hehe Ya, we definatley know what that's like. I had hot flashes on Clomid too (plus lots of other not so nice things). Your brain is probably going in a million places at once hehe, least mine did, or it just completely stopped working lol.
Take care!

alicia said...

sounds liek the in law visit was a hit! sorry about your puppy that is no fun!