Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Good with the Bad

Yesterday was a full day! I took hubby to work so that I could go out with a friend yesterday. She was afraid it would rain though and didn't want the baby out so we postponed our day. Anyway, hubby called me and said I had to come pick him up from work. They let him go yesterday. We've been expecting this for a long time. He was hurt at work and they gave him a really hard time about it. This company is notorious for booting injured workers. Oh well, he's looking full time now and hopefully he will be working by Monday.

We were dealing with that when our neighbor (We'll call him Joe, which is decidedly shorter to type than neighbor dude) popped in and asked hubby to come and help him with his computer. They have been working on his computer for several days now and finally narrowed it down to the RAM.

To give a bit of history on Joe: He's a computer guy who was injured in the military before being deployed and spends his time holed up playing games and such. He's the nicest guy I know and he's alone most of the time. He hasn't worked in a very long time and yesterday he got his first pay check from his new job that happens to pay very well!

He asked us yesterday to go out with him. We stopped off at the "Geeks R Us" store where he and hubby drooled over all the circuit boards for a while and then finally got the much desired RAM. Joe took us out to eat at a wonderful restaurant after. Hubby and I had some free movie tickets and we all went to see a movie afterwards and while waiting for the movie to start, Joe and Hubby played arcade games for almost an hour. They were like five year olds in a candy store with no adult supervision! After the movie Joe stopped to get a nice bottle of wine and some "jack" for hubby. We went back to our place where the two computer gurus set to work on Joe's comp and enjoyed a few drinks. Once Joe's computer was going they stayed up and played video games for a long time. I myself scooted off to bed with only the pups to keep me warm. It was a great night though and it made the rough morning not so bad.

So anyway, back to the ttc front...
The doctor's office called to confirm hubby's SA in the middle of us getting ready to go out. They are running it through our insurance for now which cuts the cost in half for us. I hope it sticks but this test isn't our concern. It is mine that is so concerning. The nurse had no news on my hsg and said she would let me know as soon as she found out more about it.

Hubby was funny about the SA. I was sure he would be all "Nuh uh! Not gonna happen! No way am I droppin my drawers and doin my buisness in a doc's office!" but surprisingly he laughed and asked if I would come and join him. He said we could make it fun and adventurous. Men!

Well, that is where we are right now. I had plans on tackling our mountain of laundry but I think I have tabled those plans for some r&r today. I'm trying to ignore the fact that FF says I'm 9dpo today and I want to enjoy every second of my break that I have left. Happy Wednesday!!!!

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alison said...

Hey there. I just happened across your blog from Mel's Connections Abound. It looks like we're both headed to PCOS never-never land. :) Best of luck on your dh finding a job soon. I'll keep reading, and I'll add your blog to my blogroll.