Friday, October 12, 2007

Plans, jobs, and goats...

We had this great plan today. We were going to drive to hubby's interview together so he could sign his papers, pee in a cup, and find out the details on his job. He was told to be there between 10 and 11 so we had plenty of time for him to sign, talk, pee, and then trek almost an hour backwards to the doctor's office by 1pm right? Phhht! You all should know by now that our lives never work out like this!

We got there by 10:50 (Snooze is a bad thing in our house! Add that to "Darn we forgot the keys!" and "Gas would be good dear!" and well we were behind a bit.) We had managed in the midst of the madness to overlook breakfast, but we were on our way. At 1:30 hubby comes out to inform me that we would be late to our appt and that he had been in there taking tests like a school boy but had passed with an increase in his pay provided he got the job. At 2:30 he came back out to tell me that he had the job and that they had bumped his pay up a tiny bit more once they got his school records and found out how far he was commuting. At 3:00 he came back with a real paper! And keys in his hand! Yay! We were off to pee in a cup! On the way he filled me in. He will be working 6 days 10 hours each. He will be on 2nd shift 4:30pm-2:30am plus an hour each way for drive time.

This is a good spot to point out that I work for the school system here and I work from 7am-4pm. I get up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10. Hubby will be leaving for work by 3pm and getting home at around 4am 6 days a week. Anyone see any potential reason why we might have to work harder now to procreate? Grrrr.

Anyhoo, we went to the pee place and were delayed an extra 15 minutes b/c hubby left a paper in the car they needed and apparently during that time he could have acquired some warm fresh pre peed pee from some anonymous donor. We then went back to the office where he proudly displayed his clean bill of pee and they handed him yet another piece of paper that had to be signed by the bank before he could start work because apparently fax machines are obsolete now.

At this point we are both starving, having missed breakfast and now lunch. We passed the "Eat Chikin not Cows" place three times drooling and never once saw the bank right beside it! Finally about to give up, we saw it and got that part of the day over with. After returning with the final paper they gave him his info about where to go etc and we were off!

Needless to say, we missed our appointment with the doctor, but we are just going to reschedule for our original appointment tomorrow and hubby can drop off the guys Monday morning. We managed to stop and eat before heading home and even rented a movie.

Once home lil bro stopped by to hang out and play a computer game with me and lil sis called finally to give me details on a spa party I had forgotten about and to finalize details about our Saturday fun!

Saturday.... is.... the... Goat Festival!!!! Yes it is true, we here in my tiny town celebrate our superior mating skills and the subsequent formation of the infamous fainting goat! There is music, fried food of all kinds, shopping, and of course the goat beauty show!

I'm excited, silly as it may be! We always have fun! Happy Friday!!!

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pajnstl said...

congrats on the job! Now to figure out how to schedule some "happy" time! lol