Monday, October 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday, the Lint battle Chronicles

Not much to talk about today. Hubby starts his new job tomorrow so we tried to just kick back and enjoy life today. I didn't even cook! I go back to school tomorrow too as fall break has unfortunately come to an end.

I did manage to tackle the laundry monster into a semi-submissive state and I can finally feel as though I have for a short time (until tomorrow!) beaten the sock rats back into the closet for a little while longer. Oh how I dread laundry! To top it off, hubby and I took it down to be done (we go to the main office b/c couples in a one bedroom don't have kids to watch and therefore have loads of time to go waste in a hot filthy room waiting on clothes to wash and grass to grow!) and there was a bit of a wait on the dryers so we went on to dinner with Dot and Dan who were in major meltdown mode. We figured by the time we finished dinner the man who was putting his clothes in the dryer would be done. Grrr. Some lady came in whilst we were gone and dumped all our clothes on the top of the dryers. I hate hate hate the thought of people rumaging around in my skivvies! I cannot Stand it! While we were putting our clothes in dryer she came in and gave us the evil "I'm gonna curse any future laundry days you have!" look and changed out her clothes. Ususally I just put all of my stuff in one dryer and double up on the time. Tonight.... I put them in the only two dryers available so that even though her clothes were done washing she had no dryer! I can't help these tiny evil pleasures I indulge in at times. When I went to get our clothes they were again all piled up on the dryer wrinkled and all that. I was only mildly grumpy (HA!). She better watch out! I know her hip hugger basket's plate number and next time she leaves her clothes unattended I might accidently pull them out and dump em all on the floor!

This is sad! The only thing I have exciting to show for my last day of break is a vicious laundry battle with some woman I don't know who rummaged in our knickers.

I will say though we had a bit of fun with our pups today. We gave em a bath and Parkie looks rather adorable in a Yoda sort of way... if I do say so myself!....

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