Saturday, October 13, 2007

I feel Goat-geous!

Well, I did last night anyway! My sister and I went to a spa party that two of her best friends did. It was so much fun! They are both college kids trying to make some cash and have some fun but those products were awesome! We started out with some relaxing music and a hand massage that never really got under way b/c most of the party goers were the girls' family members with kids under 5 running amuck ( Do their have to be adorable kids every single place I go???). No biggie, they had ordered pizza and there were some munchy snacks of course.

Once everyone had eaten and the kids were quietly tucked in a corner with a pile of toys (quietly? Really? Neatly tucked in a corner? haha!) we started the party. We painted seaweed masks on each other and lip peels. We played with micro "scratch your face off with sand paper" smelly good stuff. We used this hand stuff that was amaaaazing and played with foot lotions and other fancy schmancy stuff to pamper ourselves with.

It was fun though and I rarely get to indulge in things like that. I came home with a very inexpensive bag of goodies and I even scheduled myself a party! The girls need the bookings and I have a ton of teacher ladies that would line up at my door to play with this stuff after a long week. Plus I get a lot of free products that I would never convince hubby to let me buy otherwise! I made sure to schedule it for a day long after hubby's first check too! (hehe) Now all I have to do is find some chairs lol.

We got up this morning and hit the Goat festival. Well that was the plan. My sister wanted to go but not alone and hubby had invited the friends that were supposed to come over last night to tag along with us. We'll call them Dan and Dot.

Dan is a self absorbed sort of guy. He doesn't like Dot to go anywhere or do anything and she never fights back but sits at home alone with a mother in law and a new baby all day and all night doting on his every need. A week after the baby was born he insisted she start going to the gym with him and well, that's the way they are. He always gets his way and I love him to death but he ticks me off!

Hubby was on the phone with them for an hour this morning discussing what to do and where to meet and they ended up hanging up, taking showers, getting ready, and calling each other back to discuss details again. They are like school girls I swear! Dan decided we should meet him at the gym (?!?!?) so we could follow him the 1.5 miles to the goat festival (again ?!?!?!) and park side by side. He proceeds to park almost a mile away, despite the parking clearly available right there at the event and we unloaded two boys and a 6 week old with all that stuff that goes along with a baby and her stroller and we finally took off hiking.

Once there I left to find sis and they took off without us (of course) so sis and I hung out and walked around till we ran into them (at this point that was totally accidental! I was just gonna head home with sis and let the two "attached at the hip" boys and their side kicks do their thing") and went to find food. Dan insisted make getting food the most complicated thing I've ever seen and then after that proceeded to the kids inflatable jumpy park that they we had passed twice. Once there they were taking it down (of course!) and Dan and Dot were ready to go.

Had hubby and I gone together we would have wandered around, looked at the goats, taken in some music and food, shopped, you know. Had fun. This was a pain and it really upsets me a lot. Not for the reasons I would have thought though. Sure it was a pain in the butt and I was irritated to start with today but it terrifies me to think that we are going through all this stuff to have kids and become like them. Does it all have to be such a pain when you have kids. Is this really what we are saving so much for? I mean honestly we are stashing back enough cash that we could easily put a nice down payment on a fancy little house in the country but instead we plan to use it for injections and procedures and the like. Can't you have kids and with a little common sense planning, enjoy a day out with activities for both the kids and the parents without making everyone's life miserable?

All in all though, the goats were funny and I did get a great amount of sun and exercise. Sis and I got to hang out a while and shop too so it wasn't too bad I don't guess. Dan and Dot are on their way over now so the men can play their games and I can entertain two boys and a 19 year old mom and her baby for hours while trying to scream over the din of double surround sound war games. Fun fun fun!!!

Oh well, here are some pics of the goats to maybe smooth out the icing! You all enjoy them while I struggle through the night and attempt to figure out how the game ended today....

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