Monday, October 22, 2007


Sorry to be so behind. I have been a bad blogger this week but things have been nuts. Hubby's new job is - well - nuts. He absolutely loves it and he's finally found a place with his kind of computer gaming peeps. He leaves at 3pm and I get home at 4pm. I go to bed around 10:30 and he comes home around 2am-4am (depending on overtime which he works a lot of in his department) and then I get up at 6:30. Anyone see any time in there for the tango? It just isn't gonna happen lol. It's ok we're just trying to adjust.

We have put off all of our testing till we have a more normal situation and we are more comfortable with the cost and how our insurance will handle things. I've stopped temping for now. My temps this month have done us no good due to the sleep disturbances, the inconsistancies in the outside temperature (When it gets the least bit chilly out, hubby loves to come in and jack the heat up to like 90 while I'm sleeping! He would keep it that way all year if I didn't raise such a fuss about it. Give me 70 all day every day!), and the inability to wake up on time this month. No biggie, we're winging it this month anyhow and I have to say it has been nice to just relax and not care this month.

I will have to say that having hubby gone at night has been a big change too. It is super nice to come home and not stress about a starving husband just as you walk in. I never realized how much time it takes to prep, cook, and clean up for supper every single night. I feel so pampered lately and I actually get some house work done during the week which hasn't happened since summer break ended! It feels good! On the other hand though, it's lonely. I miss him being here so much and I get bored sometimes too. This weekend was so much fun because we had so much to "ketchup" on with each other. We had missed each other's week entirely. Right now this is a good thing for us I think though. It is hard through the week to go without him here at night, but it makes the weekend and the time we do share more precious and more enjoyable.

My job has been a real mess lately too. We have lost the two top big wigs at our school board which has been a looong time coming and it has been cause for excitement I suppose but it means that once again things are changing. The two people that have gone kept the teachers in total turmoil up until this point and were making life horrible for everyone. We had over 20 teachers either retire or quit and more to come the following year if things didn't change. Finally the city stepped in and did something. All it means for me is that my schedule is once again changing. I had just gotten a new schedule last week and now I'm waiting on schedule #8. Usually you get one in August and it lasts till June. I'm so ready to just get in a routine at work and I know the teachers are too.

Anyhoo, sorry to be away for almost a week. I will try to do better! Stay tuned tomorrow to see if af caught the late bus in. She missed the 31 day cycle bus but last month was a 37 day cycle so I'm tapping my toes right now just waiting. I've been feeling a bit icky though so I'm pretty sure she's on her way over. I'm just hoping I can get it done with before the weekend. It would stink to have af here during the short time hubby and I can spend time together. That would mean two weeks of inconvenience. Oh well, I've learned that old Auntie is the stubbornest most spiteful heiffer I've ever known and she will not be controlled! Someday I will have the upper hand!

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