Monday, June 30, 2008

Miracle in a blister pack?

So today is the day. We started our first round of clomid tonight. I'll have to say I've been a bit nervous about it. I went and picked my rx up yesterday and I was a bit surprised at the packaging and how anticlimactic it all was. I'm not saying I expected to pick up a gift box with a big curly gold bow or have a choir suddenly drop down from the ceiling offering me lofty joyful hymns or anything but honestly? A blister pack???

It actually made me laugh a bit at the situation. Here we are with six years of this mess under our belt and our answer is supposed to be found in five blister packed pills? All of the disappointment and hope and pain we have experienced comes down to this? Our miracle, according to my very optimistic doctor is supposed to be wrapped up in silver foil and plastic. Hmmm... I guess only time (most of it spent in the bedroom) will tell.


Rebecca said...

A cyster here too...just stumbled upon your blog on Mel's blogroll. I love the way you write and will be sticking around for more. I can totally imagine you standing at the pharmacy counter waiting for your miracle blister pack. LOL
I'll be checking in on your blog from time to time...good luck on this Clomid cycle!

Kristen said...

YAY! That's such an exciting step!

The clinic I was referring to is the Center for Reproductive Health out of Nashville. If you google it, they have a website. The "other one" that we didn't get such good reviews on was Nashville Fertility.

chicklet said...

To both relieve you and excite you, here's what Clomid did to me...

Month 1, about 3 days into it, I seriously was insane. I'd cry for no reason, yell for no reason, and then cry some more cuz I felt bad that I'd yelled - and that AIN'T me. Month 2 was somewhat the same with a lot more sudden spurts of anger. Month 3 and 4 though it didn't affect me at all other than migraines.

So you might get away with no effects, or you might become your own Evil Clomid Twin. Just know if you do become her, it's out of your control and you'll get through it:-)