Monday, June 9, 2008

Show and Tell

I am so excited that it is summer! I don't think I have ever expressed how much I absolutely love this time of year! The green pops out everywhere and the waves of heat radiating from the ground get me twitching in glee!

One of my favorite parts has to be planting. I always loved my grandparents' gardens when I was a kid and my mom's mom is a flower guru! She has flowers and pots of green goodness everywhere! My poor mother did not inherit her family's ability to grow anything that wasn't silk but thankfully I have come to love and enjoy the sight of a new bud or sprout!

This next weekend we are planning to drive out to my grandparents' place and hopefully I can bring home some green gifts to fill our apartment with. It is sad that I only have a tiny little porch on the second floor to use as my planting playground, but I can work with that.

One of my favorites happens to be petunias! They are so fussy and grumpy but once you get them in a good spot they shower you with beautiful colors and gorgeous plump blooms! This is actually a pic of last years petunias when I first set them out. This year my mother bought me a huge hanging pot full of petunias! As soon as I get my memory card back from the school I will show you a pic of those too! Hopefully this can bring you a bit of the sunshine it brings me each day!

I'm off to the pool while you enjoy!!! Yup! The pool! It has been open for a couple of weeks now and I have been too busy entertaining Auntie Flo to enjoy the blue cool but last night with T.ampax at my side I went down to float around for two hours! My sister came along and it was so great with the night air getting cooler and the water still so warm from our ninety degree days! I can't wait till hubby and I go again later this afternoon!

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DC said...

Beautiful flowers! Have fun at the pool!! :)