Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New projects all around

I'm very sorry that I missed our show and tell this week. I was so anxious to post for this one too but life just got in the way a bit. I've had lots of little projects going on lately and although some of them don't take up much time they seem to let me allow time to slip away a bit.

Our pastor decided to stretch our Vacation Bible School this year for the whole summer! He wanted to do it every Wednesday night all the way through. No biggie right? Well my mom is the one in charge of VBS so I've been pulled in quite a bit. I thought it would be easy this year since I'm on staff for the nursery. I thought I would have to be in the nursery. Wrong! They have fixed it so that I can have the two and three year olds like always by putting our newly turned two's from the nursery in the class. The other lady in the nursery with me usually covers Wednesday's by herself anyway so now I am preparing crafts and stories for 7 two year olds. I wouldn't trade a minute of it though! (Well, maybe just one or two...)

Yesterday's major project was getting hot french fries out to my grandfather who lives about twenty minutes from town. He loves S.oni.c cheeseburgers and I've been determined for about two weeks to go out and bring my grandmother and him some hot food and company. My plan was knocked down three times this week and finally last night I got to go. We had a great time! My grandfather is absolutely hilarious! My grandmother gave me a new plant too! I'll save that for another show and tell though because she has just set it and it needs time to grow a bit.

I did go to the doc on Friday too. Everything's fine I guess. My blood pressure was lower than normal for me but no one seemed to care so I guess all is well. I have the go ahead on Clomid. Hubby goes tomorrow morning for his test and as soon as the results are called in to my doc and if the results are "normal" he will call the pharmacy and off we go. I would have expected him to make sure I was regular again before we did anything like this but I guess the ball is in my court on this and we'll see what happens. I had a hard time at the doctor's office too but I guess we'll save that for another post.

One big thing I've been working on is another blanket. I'm hoping to sell a few at the end of the summer to help raise money for my trip to Russia. This one isn't going as quickly as I had hoped though, so I'm not sure how feasible this idea is yet. We'll just have to try and see. Every penny helps. I've been yarn hunting this week too. I've gotten lots of new baby soft colors (I even bought pink which is a huge step for me!) and I think I'm really trying to push to get this one done just so I can play with the new colors! Here's a pic of what I have so far. Like I said it is going slow and takes a lot of yarn for this pattern but I think when I'm done it will be pretty.

*****As you can see...I have my memory card back!!!! I could have posted my show and tell technically but I hated to post this one so late so I think we can make it till Sunday again! Finally more posts with pictures! I've missed having my camera sooo much!

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