Sunday, November 23, 2008

The goo has infested the title center of my brain...

I am a terrible horrible no good rotten blogger lately. Today I have started about five new posts and unfortunately none of them made the cut. Why? Well I have the "goo." No not the flu, not a cold, the "goo." That is the only way I can describe that icky sick that I get each year about this time. It is sort a mixture of all the sick kids I work with I guess. This time my body has been working super hard to fight it off. It started a couple of months ago. I would wake up with a sore throat or cough and by bed time it would be gone and I would be fine. Sometimes, it would linger a couple of days with a runny nose or something very minute and insignificant. On Friday, it finally took hold of my little sinuses and decided to throw a huge disco party complete with the thumpin' dj that took up residence in my skull.

I think I know what happened.

I think that my whole body was so entranced and awed over my beautiful little "Sheldon" that they didn't notice the onslaught of attack. If that is the case, I don't mind. I am very proud of him too. I just pray and pray that this time he (or she) hangs around and signs a full 9 month lease!

Okay, enough about the eggie, although I have a very ridiculous but upsetting question I need answered later. I thought I would show you all my Christmas present! My hubby, tech guru that he is, was determined to steer me away from the peaceful serenity of a new and much larger fish tank and direct me to a very outlandish and extravagant new camera. I didn't mean to show it to him, but once he saw it, he decided that it would be mine.

My current camera is great. It takes great clear pictures and works fine for the silly things around here that I photograph. What brought all of this up was my frustration with the coloring of my photos when I put one up for show and tell. No matter how much I fiddle with white balance and shutters and all that jazz, my pics still have this eerie yellow look or a shocking spot light in the eyes sort of look. I went to check out reviews on an upgrade for my current camera and the site popped up this...

I immediately began to drool, and clicked on it to see what it could do. Of course Hubby comes bouncing in about that time with a "Whatcha doin?" The next words..."Ohhhh..." And that is how it started. He knew I would absolutely love it but the price tag made me want to throw up. I've never had anything that nice before or that expensive. I told him I didn't really want it and thought that was that. Wrong!

He kept bringing it up. He would gripe about the lack of space for a fish tank although I have already determined that I want it to sit on my kitchen counter to take Camille the Fish of Death's current spot. I am hoping by moving her to a more depressing spot in the house like our bathroom, perhaps she will lose her will to swim and die. But, anyhow... This morning, he pulled up the "e"vil bay and started looking. I told him I would never agree to it. He managed to find a Canadian version that was two hundred dollars cheaper. He asked if I wanted it and I said "Well of course I do but I don't want you to buy it." He clicked here and there "looking at what came with it" then he said "Let's just click buy so we can see how much total it would be..." Before I could say no, he had already clicked confirm purchase and with a smug grin turned to me to say "You should be able to take some amazing pictures of our turkey this year!"

**** As mentioned above, this is so silly I guess, but has anyone gotten pregnant while they were sick? I have been so so so weepy this week and I keep having this huge worry that my body will be too busy fighting off the sick for things to work.

Well actually, I keep imagining Sheldon down there going "Look at the mess she has going on in here! I'm not gonna put up with this for 9 months! I'm outta here!"

I'm pretty sure it's a bit irrational, but if someone could help me out and put my heart at ease, life would be easier.


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Oooh ... I like your Christmas gift!
But I don't like your goo. And that's because I must have the goo, too.

Let's hope we both feel better soon!

Dora said...

Of course people get pregnant while sick. Just think of Courtney Love getting pregnant while shooting heroin and drinking heavily.

Go Sheldon!

battynurse said...

Nice Christmas present. I bought myself a nice camera this year and it was a fantastic decision. I love it and hope you love yours too.
Yes little Sheldon can hang in while the sickness bugs you. Down side is that there probably isn't much you can take. Hope you feel better soon.

My_Herstory said...

Nice christmas gift!!
Yes ppl get pregnant if they have the 'goo' hehe. Dora has a good point!
Looking forward to hearing good news!! Feel better soon.

Phoebe said...

I've seen cameras like that and they look pretty sweet. Can't answer your question though as the only way I can get pregnant is through IVF.

Wishing 4 One said...

cam is awesome, i want one!

yes, maybe you are pregnant, sick or not it happens....thinking of you and hoping for pregnancy news soon!

alicia said...

ohh yay! we have the same camera!!! it is SOOOO flippin awesome, you will love it!

go sheldon go!!! I am sure being sick won't hinder things at all!!!