Monday, November 17, 2008

Time to Cluck!!!!

Oooo! I am so excited! There is no one else in the whole world that I could share this with either. You ladies always understand even the smallest silliest victories.

This afternoon when I got home I discovered the sign! I just want to jump up and down and skip around the whole town giddy with excitement!

This morning I was so worried after looking at my chart. I was disappointed and afraid that Clomid wasn't working the way we had hoped. The doc was very hopeful that with an increased dosage I would ovulate earlier and stronger. He has been very positive and certain that clomid would be just what we needed to get my body working. I of course have had many moments of doubt and fear. As each day ticks by I find myself getting more and more discouraged...until today!!!!!

This may be the grossest thing I have ever posted and for that I apologize, but darn it, you just can't call your mom up and be all.... "Leaping fish sticks mom! I have egg whites in my underpants!" I hate to admit that the doc is right, but I won't complain about his winning streak at all! The only time this ever happens is when I truly ovulate. I can count on one hand without using all my digits the number of times this has happened in six years. Last month it happened but it was so late in the game with a very short waiting period. This time it is right in range!!!!

I think I am going to go and prepare the nest. I am going to cook us an awesome supper too and perhaps pick out a movie for us to watch. Yay! I knew I could whip those ovaries into shape one way or another!

Thank you all for sharing in my silliness. I know you are all out there smiling and nodding your heads in understanding and support and it makes all of this a little easier to bear. Cross your fingers, pray, and wish on every star you see. Maybe this time it will work...


Michelle said...

I am crossing everything and wishing on every star for you. YAY for egg whites!!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY! Small victories, my friend. I, too, still get excited when I see EWCM--and I'm not even close to TTC. Fingers are crossed for you! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I understand!!! That is VERY exciting!

alicia said...

YAY!!!!! One thing about IF, is that you get to know your body pretty darn well, and you get to the point where you forget all women do not know their bodies this well! haha! I have shared the exciting news of egg white CM with my non IF friends and I get looks of disgust.....right you don't know what they heck I am talking about! haha!!! So YAY!! i totally get it and am so happy for you! Now go get some baby dancing done!!

Photogrl said...

Very exciting news!

Everything crossed over here that this is THE month!