Monday, November 10, 2008

Vacation needed!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week! Truth is, I don't see how I have managed to get half of what I have accomplished lately. Clomid has kicked my butt! Hard! I am just worn out.

What a coincidence that all of a sudden I have people coming at me from all directions with things they need me to do. Realize I said "need" not "want." Apparently I have a lot to offer lately. Unfortunately, by the time I get everything they need finished, there is no time for me to catch my breath.

Hubby has his Christmas present already. He got one of those rock star setups for his xbox. We have had more people over at our house this week than we have in six months I think! He has also rotated shifts which is kinking my routine. I love having him at home at night, but the flow of things is totally off. Not to mention, our alarm clock is trying to die on us, so waking up on time right now is a bit of a hit or miss. We're just trying to float it along a few more days until we can find time to get a new one.

I've got things going on at school and church this week too. It has kept me scurrying around frantically. I am out of the house by 7:15 each morning and don't come home until about 8:30 at night. It wouldn't be so bad I guess if things weren't so hectic that I rarely have time to sit and eat or collect my thoughts.

The whirlwind will end soon though and I am enjoying myself in the meantime. I'm just exhausted. It has been rather interesting trying to throw even a moment of baby making magic into the mix. At one point last night I just stopped and burst out laughing at the craziness of it all. It just had to be this week didn't it?

Please forgive me. I'm holding on by my fingernails right now! If ever there were a time to get stranded on a deserted island....


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Hang in there, sweetie!

Rebecca said...

Just don't forget to breathe! Hope things calm down for you soon.

alicia said...

wow sorry things are so crazy for you!! hang in there, it will calm soon :)

learningtobestillandknow said...

Wow - it's no fun to be pulled in all directions! I hope your schedule slows down soon! :)