Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Miraculous Weepy Turkey Day... I hope

Happy Turkey Day!

I love this day so much! I know that it is Thanksgiving and I should be all reflective and mushy, but truthfully, my favorite part about this day has nothing to do with the holding of hands and stuffing of dead birds. My favorite part is that this marks the beginning of Christmas! I woke up at about 5 am this morning to the beautiful sound of Christmas music on my radio. I smiled and went back to sleep dreaming happily of all those sugar plums.

This morning we have gotten to talk to Hubby's parents via web cam and enjoyed a several minute long conversation with our four year old nephew while we marvelled at how much he has grown in the past few months. He's such a funny kid and I miss watching him grow up terribly.

We both managed to get up by 8am and have been lazily chatting and piddling all morning. I am starving at the moment and I am trying to convince Hubby to grab us a bite to eat as well as a few necessary items I need to make the potatoes he has begged me to make all year for this day. He loves my cheesy garlic mashed potatoes, but my pcos hates them. My family usually doesn't do mashed potatoes on Turkey Day, but this year with his insistance, we're gonna give it a try.

Afer yesterday, anything is possible! I cleaned up yesterday morning and Hubby came in from work at around 11am. Shortly after, his packages arrived and a cardboard factory threw up in my living room. He had stuff strewn all over. Our lunch was delivered and Hubby almost couldn't open the door for all the crap he had everywhere. During lunch we watched the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and the weeping began. I cried through that entire movie. I don't normally cry through movies, but this time, we feared drowning before the movie's end.

After the movie, Dan and Dot announced they would be over to the house with the baby in about twenty minutes. I got frantic. I had to re clean the whole house. Hubby was being a man and didn't help very much which got me really stirred up. We had run out of drinks at the house and that got to me and then Hubby mentioned supper. I couldn't take it anymore. I started sobbing. I melted into a hysterical mess just as they walked in the door. I hid in the bedroom and wept for half an hour. I've never in my life done anything like that. It embarrassed me so much and I felt awful for being so silly. I managed to shower, redress, and pull myself together to enjoy what turned into a pretty fun night.

I knew clomid made me sort of weepy, but yesterday was bizarre. It isn't over yet either. I had already cried in excitement over Christmas songs this morning and at the sight of our nephew twice before 9am. It is going to be a loooong day!

I will have to say that whatever is going on can just keep going though. I will be perfectly content to spend the next nine months weeping uncontrollably if it will bring us a child. So far the girls haven't been very sore. This morning they are achy, but nothing too bad like normal. I haven't had many nauseous instances this time either which is unusual. My gums are bleeding a lot, but I'm not sure if that means anything this early in the game. As far as smells and such, I am just now getting to the point where I can breathe again so smelling and tasting just isn't happening. There has been much achy, crampy sort of stuff going on so af could knock on the door at any moment.

Regardless of symptoms and such this has still been a miraculous cycle for us! I am at 9dpo today with a beautifully high temp this morning. My chart, although a bit rocky due to some fluctuation in my sleeping and such, is just gorgeous in my opinion. If things hold off until tomorrow like my temps indicate they should, this will be the longest luteal phase I have managed yet! I pray our little guy is digging in for a long winter's stay.

Happy Turkey Day Sheldon!


alicia said...

ohh clomid did the same thing to me, the weepies! I was a crazy girl, so at least you know its working!!! i hope you have a great thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

I have ha the weepies all day today too. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I am hoping too that you spend the next 9 months crying over everything!