Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It just keeps pouring over here!

Per discussion with my doc and Hubby and Mom, I decided to stay home today and rest with my feet up all day. Thankfully it seems to have helped things ease up a bit and I finally feel like I can function a little better.

This morning as Hubby and I sat down to a wonderful breakfast and a movie together before he went to bed, the phone rang. His mom was calling. We put it on speaker so we could both chat with her and immediately you could tell things weren't good. She told Hubby that his grandfather had been having chest pains for a couple of days. I guess they took him to the hospital finally and found three major blockages in his heart. They were life flighting him over to a larger hospital and would operate immediately. Right now the odds don't look real good apparently. We don't know very much because of our distance from the family and Hubby's parents were already on the road when they got the news so they are having to drive a very long way to get back home.

Right now we are waiting. I hate feeling so helpless like this but truly there is nothing we can do. With gas what it is and our little car the way it is there just isn't any possible way for us to go to them right now. Hubby would have to miss a few nights of work and that just can't happen. It hurts to see him so frustrated and upset. He's really close to his grandfather. Everyone that has ever met him is.

They are also meeting with the social worker for my grandfather today to work out the details of him getting home and how Hospice will help and what sort of medicines or equipment he might need. I haven't heard from my mom on that either. We just wait.

Any prayers or thoughts you can send this way would be so appreciated. I'm not sure what we have in store for us in the next few days. I feel so burdened with all of this and so selfish to still be starting our next round of Clomid tonight in the midst of all of this. I know it is what we need to do though and it won't have any effect on how things are for any of our family members, so there isn't any true reason not to. I guess I just get bothered trying so hard to bring new life into the world while we agonize over other lives leaving.


Michelle said...

My thoughts and definitely a lot of prayers are with you and your family! I hope everything goes well on all fronts and things get better for you soon. ((HUGS))

Sassy said...

What a scary time. I'm thinking of you and your family.