Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I think it went great.

I had three different classes that I spoke to today. They all responded very well to what I said. We had a question time at the end where they could write down questions for me instead of asking them in front of everyone. I had some really great questions. It helped me feel like they heard what I was trying to say. One group had almost twenty questions for me which I thought was wonderful.

Afterwards I went to the principal to thank him for allowing me such an opportunity. I knew via the teacher I worked with that the principal had some concerns about what I would say and how I would approach a delicate subject without going too far for a school setting. He didn't know me and I can understand that. When I spoke to him this afternoon however, all of those resignations were gone. He was very happy with what had taken place today and is looking forward to the next semester.

He told me that the teacher had come to him after the first session to let him know how things went. He said she was very happy with what I had talked about and that the girls got a lot out of it. She also told him that one student had even come to her after class to talk with her more about what I had said. That one comment made me feel so good. I hate that someone has to experience what I did, but hopefully I was able to help her and give her the courage to seek out some help. It was worth every second of anxiety and fear for that one student to be reached.

I was fearful about how I would handle things. Up to this point the word r.ap.e has been an unspoken word in my vocabulary. It made me nervous to know that I needed to say it today. I did though. It was very empowering to take back a little bit of me that I lost that night. I left the room for the final time with a sense of peace and strength.

Thank you all so very much for the kind words and thoughts that you sent. I actually went in to each session with your encouragement in the front of my mind to help me stand tall.


Morrisa said...

I think what you did was wonderful and very brave. Congrats!

alicia said...

wonderful!!! I am so glad it went well, and that you were able to speak to the hearts of these girls and that one is seaking more help now. It was so worth it then! way to go, you are such a strong women.

Rebecca said...

I am glad it went so well, and that you are on the road to healing. I am proud of you for standing up, making your voice heard, and through your own struggle helping other women cope.

Sassy said...

You are so brave. I'm glad it all went well and you felt good about it. I'm sure you've made a difference in the minds of those girls.

sue said...