Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Two posts today you ask? Oh yes! I just had to stop in and let you all in on a glorious secret....

Make sure that you keep very quiet though whilst you are here. I don't want to disturb the gravitational pull of any planets and in turn ruin all of the glee I am filled with inside.....

As we sit here right this very moment, my downstairs neighbor is piling up all her shit and moving away! OMGolly! I am so happy!

You have no idea. This woman has been a nightmare for the past six months and we have been in serious turmoil for the past three weeks over finding a new place to live because of her. We had already been told she was moving this month but were horrified to see that not only was she still there but she had invited another friend to spend all of his time there too. If you all had any idea what a happy dance I was doing right now!

Without disclosing too much info, this woman has decided that we are the most obnoxious, loud, irritating, and disrespectful people on the face of the earth.

I promise you all we are not noisy people. We have bent over backwards to appease her. We moved all of our living room furniture into our dining room so that we would not make noise walking on the creaky living room floor. Hubby isn't allowed in the house with his work boots on because she thinks we are intentionally stomping. We do not vaccum, wash dishes, or clean anything until she is gone, and we try very hard to ward off any visitors or phone calls until she has gone for the day or night. Our pups can't play or bark at any time. Hubby has been banned from any video gaming while she is home. We truly try to keep things as quiet as we can and have turned our lives upside down for her. We don't even argue in the house. We either whisper our disagreement or if it is a big enough issue we leave and go to a nearby parking lot to hash it out.

We used to grill a lot with Dot and Dan but have put that off all summer this year because of one icky night in which she was cursing and throwing a fit in front of the kids. There have been several times that she has stormed off after I brought groceries home even! I guess the noise of the bags on the floor pissed her off? We are only two people and I swear we don't have that many groceries! I always wondered what she would do if we did have a baby that cried all night. We tried to refrain from keeping Dan and Dot's baby, but I put my foot down there and so did Hubby. No one can get us kicked out over a baby can they? I mean really!

We have been here for almost two years and no one has ever said a word about us. We have been through numerous neighbors all around us and none of them have ever complained or commented on us being too loud. We have lived in other places and never had issues. We are boring people that don't do much. We don't have any children to disturb the noise and our dogs are relatively quiet. We don't have any visitors now and most often only one of us is up and about at a time.

You all please join me in a joyful dance of celebration. Make sure to dance on your tippy toes for now but be prepared to boogie when I give the signal that all is clear!!!!!

I can't wait to start planning a major grill out and s'more fest for the boys in a week or so! Yay!